Between You and The Moon by Brooklyn Herborium is a holistic, supportive skin care line based in Functional Herbalism.

Unlike many skincare philosophies (natural or not) that are centered around “controlling,” we recognize and embrace the idea that many skin problems are simply symptoms due to dysfunction and can be remedied by identifying underlying deficiencies and providing the skin with what it needs in order to function better. Our unique methods and products support the body’s innate ability to function beautifully by providing many of the skin's basic needs topically.

All of our herbals goods, including our Between You & The Moon facial skincare line, are carefully hand-crafted by our Herbal Crafter staff at our Windsor Terrace Workshop in Brooklyn. Our products were originally developed in the early 2000’s by Emma Graves, our certified herbalist, highly skilled aesthetician, and beloved teacher in order to serve her private practice clients. Though they have been refined over the last 15 years, our underlying philosophy has not changed.