Bees and their Wax


  Why We Love Beeswax Who doesn’t love beeswax? Humans have been using it for everything from as a tool to on our bodies since the ancient times. Egyptians mixed it with pigments and oils to make paintings that have survived … Continue reading

Ride that Orange Blossom Special


Spotlight on Orange Blossom As the bluegrass classic says, “I’ll ride that Orange Blossom Special, and lose these New York blues.” Spring is here! (Brooklyn weather doesn’t agree yet, but will by the end of the month). We are celebrating its … Continue reading

The Healing Power of the Rose


Spotlight on Roses Mmmmmmm…breath it in…that intoxicating scent of roses. Receiving an aromatic bundle of them is a classic romantic gift for a good reason. But roses are so much more than a symbolic gesture. They happen to be an … Continue reading

Breathe Happy (Vapors)


Jane & Vivian, germ swapping When you have children, and the winter comes, the colds are an inevitable result of them touching every surface in sight and then touching their eyes/mouth/nose. As much as you religiously use your Clean & … Continue reading