Jennifer Kurdyla leading a class in herbal infusion.

Workshops & Education

We offer wellness workshops at our Windsor Terrace location throughout the year. We also offer custom workshops for larger groups according to your interest.

Our Fall workshops will be led by Jennifer Kurdyla, who has been involved in leading our Herbal Crafter Apprenticeship and weed walks. She is a truly radiant being and we are honored to work with her.


September 22, 7pm-9pm (Thursday Evening) 2022

$50 class fee/ $18 materials fee

Sense-Care is Self-Care

In our world of increasing distraction and stress, even “self-care” can feel like a burden and expense on our time, resources, and energy. Returning our attention inward to the senses is one simple way to restore our vital life force, discover pleasure and healing throughout our whole system with an aim towards balanced and glowing skin. In this workshop, we’ll enjoy a full-sensory experience and explore sense-based rituals that incorporate our Functional Skin Care products for daily sense-care—and self-care:
Workshop will include:

• Guided Yoga Nidra & Meditation with Elemental Chimes

• Learn the technique for Self- Facial Massage

• Herbal Crafting an Essential Oil blend roller for nervous system calming – Calming Roller


September 24, 10am – 12pm (Saturday Morning)  2022

$50 class fee/ $16 materials fee

Diet for Incredibly Good Skin 

Healthy, radiant skin is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside the body—especially, what is happening between the mouth and the intestines — some call this the digestive tract, we call it the “skintestines”. Whether you are dealing with a specific condition or simply looking to maintain radiance at every age, the entire system will work better when you take into account how the foods you eat on a daily basis affects the skin. In this workshop, you will learn exactly what your skin needs in order to function well along with a binder with printouts of our detailed guidelines for you to take home and continue to add to.

 The Power of Proper Preparation
 Supporting Digestion with Mealtime Rituals
• Herbal Crafting: Herbal spice blend of cumin, coriander, fennel
• Herbal Crafting: Herbal spice blend of parsley, sage, rosemary + thyme



October 2, 2pm – 4pm (Sunday Afternoon)  2022

$50 class fee/ $18 materials fee

Nature’s Remedies

While Brooklyn Herborium makes herbal-based skin care products for everyday use, there are often times when the skin needs a little more love on the surface when it is in the process of healing from minor ailments such as bug bites, burns, scratches, and scrapes. In this workshop, you will learn traditional methods of crafting herbs into topical products that can be used to provide relief and protection to skin that is damaged, irritated, or in need of extra care.

 Herbalcrafting Calming Spray – Rosemary + Lavender in Witch Hazel
• Herbalcrafting Rash Relief – Calendula + Red Clover infused in raw organic sesame oil 


Jennifer Kurdyla is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, yoga teacher, and writer based in Brooklyn, New York. Committed to sharing the ancient tools of Ayurveda and yoga with modern communities, she helps her clients and students discover personalized rituals that support their well-being in body, mind, and spirit. She thrives in the creative space of her kitchen, where she crafts seasonal plant-based recipes with a focus on supporting digestion and reviving our sensory experience with food prepared fresh and with love. A former book editor, she is also the co-author of Root & Nourish: An Herbal Cookbook for Women’s Wellness (Tiller Press). Read more about her holistic health services and educational resources at and on Instagram @jenniferkurdyla or @rootandnourishbook

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