There are many ways to work with Brooklyn Herborium and Between You & The Moon


  • Retail: We offer a large variety of products for sale in your retail shop or as home care for your facial service clients.  Apply for a wholesale account below.
  • We offer a Complete Spa Service Room Package that gets you set up immediately with enough product to supply one service room with 80-120 of either the Holistic Spa Facial or a Functional Skin Care Service. There are no artificial chemicals or ingredients in any of these products. This package also includes our 50 + page Functional Facial Protocol Manual. We also make special “goodies” only available to holistic professionals.
  • “And…in addition to…” We recognize that there are many pathways to health and beauty and we would be honored to be part of your journey. Our methods are inclusive of many other modalities and can easily be worked into your current skin care offerings in order to serve your clients better. You can set up a spa consultation with one of our specialists to help you determine what is going to work best for you.
  • We offer ongoing trainings in how to use our products in your service room as well as educate your customers on our unique vision of beauty enhancement.

Aesthetician Apprenticeship

Our Holistic Aesthetician Apprenticeship Program consists of 250 hours that are to be completed on your own with our unique materials and at Brooklyn Herborium. 

Please visit for more information

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