Your Own. Personal. Biome.

The microorganisms that live on the surface of our skin and inside our gut are important for our defensive line, our immune system, detoxification, elimination and a slew of other things we rarely give them credit for. Learn about how to care for them. Continue reading


What Makes Rosehip Seed Oil So Special?

  In the fall, all of the roses that were not picked from their stems become a small fruit that becomes the seed for the next generation of roses. The oil extracted (cold-pressed of course) from these seeds has brilliant anti-aging properties … Continue reading

Cheat on Your Earth-Mother Skincare Regime

  We ladies of the Brooklyn Herborium follow nature as closely and purely as possible. We obsess about our sources, what’s in our food, our air, our water. We live in what can only be described as a state of … Continue reading

What’s a Serum Anyhow?

Spotlight on Magick Potion Lotion {Anti-oxidant Serum} The word “serum” is bandied about a lot these days. What exactly does that mean? In some cases, it seems to mean oil you apply on your skin at night to make it look better … Continue reading