Erasing Summer’s Skin Damage

Fall is coming. It’s time to erase summer’s skin damage and renew your skin with Vita -C Wild Berry Treatment. This light at-home peel uses completely natural and in season berry acids to remove old, dead cells. Even those with … Continue reading

Salt Scrubs Work

Oh, how we love salt, in its many forms, from flakey Maldon on the table to a warm dip in the ocean. One of its finest non-edible forms is as a scrub. And we aren’t the first humans to have … Continue reading

What Are Mineral Mists?

Our Mineral Mists are created from a distillation process that mimics water’s natural cycle – vaporizing from the earth and condensing into pure rain and settling into mineral-rich pockets of earth. Hydrosols are steam-distillations through plant materials which grab onto … Continue reading

Into the Mist

For millennium, minerals have traditionally been prized for their healing effect on a wide range of diseases as well as ability to rejuvenate the aging body. Ancient treatments involved a variety of transdermal therapies ranging from mineral baths, to herbal … Continue reading