Great skin doesn’t happen by accident, it happens by appointment!

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  • Functional Skincare Consultation Come sit down with one of our Herbalist/Skincare Specialists at one of our Brooklyn Locations or schedule a time for a remote consultation over the phone or with FaceTime or Skype. Discuss your skin’s history and any possible issues you may be experiencing and learn about our holistic (supportive) method of caring for your skin and keeping it clear, beautiful, and healthy. You will be guided through a customized step by step process of caring for your skin and be given a thorough understanding of how to best heal any past skin damage(Does not include facial or treatments) 60 minutes {$120}
  • Functional Holistic Health & Herbal Consultation A crucial step in going holistic! Includes a personalized evaluation of diet and lifestyle with one of our talented well as a more holistic overview of lifestyle and environmental factors that can influence personal health. Recommended Herbs will be available for purchase, if needed.  (Does not include facial or treatments) 60 minutes {$120}

Holistic Skin Care Services

Regular facials can help to resist the effects of time, stress, and environmental factors on your skin. In addition, consistent meetings with your holistic skin care specialist give you the support you need to continue along your healing journey. All of our services include the basic skin care consultation and you may be given worksheets to help you work on your current issues. We use only our own product, Between You & The Moon in all facial services, ensuring that you (as well as your service provider!) are completely free from artificial preservatives, toxins and other irritants.

Facial Services

  • Level I Facial Treatment   60-80 minutes {$169}
    The ideal balance of relaxation with deep cleansing. Facial cleansing is followed by steam and massage, gentle exfoliation, thorough extractions (if necessary), masque and Facial Point Stimulation.
  • Level II Facial Treatment  80-100 minutes {$278}
    Includes all aspects of the Level I facial with the addition of a customized Phototherapy Treatment
  • Level III Facial Treatment  80-100 minutes {$369}
    Our signature facial, which combines all aspects of Levels I & II with additional exfoliation which will be determined by you and your therapist at the time of the appointment
  • Master Level III Facial Treatment 100 minutes+ {$395}
    This is the level 3 facial with our highly-skilled and experienced owner, Emma Graves. Emma will use her wisdom to determine what course of action will give you the results you desire. She is generous with this time and will usually include little extras, such as grooming and/or eyebrow design. She is always open to hearing your needs. Currently, Emma is only taking appointments Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at the Windsor Terrace Location. Please try to book a few weeks in advance.


Phototherapy is the use of specific light emitting diodes within a broad range of color-frequencies to penetrate deep below the skin’s surface and encourage new-cell growth for healthier,  more radiant skin. We have been utilizing these lights in our Holistic Skin Care Services since 2005. Benefits reported include: better elasticity, firmer skin tone, evenness of skin tone, diminished evidence of old scars, less visible pores and fewer break-outs. Expect that your skin care specialist will also guide you in the diet, lifestyle, and topical changes you will need to make in order to achieve the best results.

  • Environmental Damage Great for fine lines, dark spots, sagging skin and enlarged pores. May also improve the appearance of certain types of hyper-pigmentation. 45-60 minutes. {$185 per treatment or 6 Treatment Package for $154 per treatment}
  • Couperose/Capillary Therapy Reduces redness and improves overall capillary health (people who tend towards inflammatory issues such as rosacea see great results). This is a supportive treatment that also requires a change in diet and topical regimen. 45-60 minutes.  {$185 per treatment or 6 Treatment Package for $154 per treatment –  treatments should be between 2 weeks and 2 months apart}
  • “Anti-Acne” Blue Light Therapy Blue light has traditionally been used to releave break-out prone skin by relaxing pores, reducing inflammation and killing bacteria while maintaining the integrity of the acid mantle. This is a supportive treatment that also requires a change in diet and topical regimen. 45-60 minutes. {$185 per treatment or 6 Treatment Package for $154 per treatment– weekly or biweekly the first 4 weeks, monthly for the final 2 sessions}
  • Perfection Phototherapy with Alpha Beta Peel  Provides improved elasticity, firmness, evened skin tone, diminished scars, refined pores and reduced break-outs. The Alpha Beta Peel is our secret recipe for leaving skin glowing, not flaking. So gentle, this treatment can be experienced the day of an event. For most magnificent results, try it two weeks in advance of a big day. {$230}

Advanced Skincare Protocols

  • Balancing Peel Peels remove dead skin, make extractions easier and promote cellular renewal, bringing a vibrant glow to the skin and extending the life of a facial. Peels can be customized for any skin type. The type of peel is determined during skin consultation. Please be prepared to stay out of direct sunlight for 48 hours after a peel. May be added onto facial or phototherapy 30 minutes. {$110}
  • Ultrasonic Eye Lift Ultrasonic waves smooth out the eye area while DMAE and Calming Herbs penetrate the skin to tighten the under-eye area, reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles. May be added onto facial or phototherapy.
 30-45 minutes {$130}
  • Collagen Infusion Marine Collagen infused with herbs is penetrated deeply into the skin to firm the surface plump fine lines. May be added onto facial or phototherapy. 30 minutes {$130}

Your personalized Plan: Work with your Holistic Skincare Specialist to set a plan for your next 6 sessions and we will give you 20% off the cost of the entire plan when purchased as a series.

All our treatments are tailored to each client’s particular needs. All special requests and concerns are welcome.


Note: Pricing to see our Master Herbalist|Aesthetician Emma Graves may vary from house rates listed here. 






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