Preserve Your Skin’s Natural Beauty in Your 30’s

Molly Watman pictured above, as part of Elle Magazine’s #THISIS30 Campaign How to Preserve your Skin’s Natural Beauty in your 30’s A wise woman once told me, “As it begins, so it continues.” Taking care of our skin should start in … Continue reading

Why is Castile Soap the Best Way to Wash Your Hands?

Spain’s unmatched olives Named after the medieval Spanish city of Castile, this kind of soap was the first widespread cleanser for people, who before this were famously dirty, as well as diseased. It is made quite simply by mixing olive … Continue reading

What Makes Rosehip Seed Oil So Special?

  In the fall, all of the roses that were not picked from their stems become a small fruit that becomes the seed for the next generation of roses. The oil extracted (cold-pressed of course) from these seeds has brilliant anti-aging properties … Continue reading