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Workshops & Education

We offer wellness workshops at our Windsor Terrace location throughout the year. Visit our shop to register. We also offer custom workshops for larger groups according to your interest. Please ask if you would like to have one here!

Fall 2017 Workshops

Friday, October 6th from 7-9 pm
Introduction to Functional Herbalism
Experience health and equanimity from a fresh perspective. The key concepts you will explore in this mind-blowing workshop have been inspiring and providing tangible results to our skincare and herbal clients for over 10 years.

Friday, October 13th from 7-9 pm
An Herbalists Medicine Chest
Delve into the community of healing that you can have at home to care for yourself and your family. Learn about herbal infusions, bitters, tinctures, garlic honey, elderberry syrup, and topical first-aid. Get hands on with one of these projects!

Friday, October 20th from 7-9 pm
Crafting a Holistic Skin Care Regimen
Get insider knowledge of the products and techniques that make holistic skin care so beneficial. This workshop is appropriate and extremely helpful for complete novices in skincare as well as seasoned professionals. Learn how to truly meet your skin’s basic needs and get hands-on with a Facial Point Stimulation Massage.

Friday, October 27th from 7-9 pm
Rituals of Beauty
In addition to a daily regimen, Functional Rituals are a lovely way to keep the skin functioning optimally and giving it that boost it needs to prevent and resolve hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, acne scars, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Learn how to boost the body’s antioxidant response element with topical products, diet/lifestyle considerations, and a type of facial massage we call Fascia Lymphatic Manipulation (similar to Gua Sha) that feels great and provides impressive results.

Friday, November 3rd from 7-9 pm
Family Skin Care the Natural Way
Get your family started out right with skin care.Learn quick and (nearly) painless ways to invisibly help your family to resolve ongoing conditions such as childhood eczema and teenage acne as well as the basics of everyday skin care.

Friday, November 10th from 7-9 pm
Diet for Incredibly Good Skin
Gain a better understanding of how nutrition plays a role in the overall health of the skin and how to pinpoint exactly what may be missing in your diet to improve your overall wellness and vitality.

Friday, November 17th from 7-9 pm
Kitchen Witchery
Using nourishment to promote equanimity in health is an invisible art. Use the cloak of invisibility to gently nourish yourself and your family to a place where wellness comes naturally as they “grow out of” chronic discomforts.

Friday, November 24th from 7-9 pm
Emotional Housekeeping with Facial Point Stimulation
Emotional Housekeeping is a method that you may use in order to swiftly sweep out some of those old patterns and behaviors and help to restore equanimity of the emotional body and mind. It provides a systematic method of examining your relationship with your true nature and suggesting gentle, effective ways to improve your connection. Facial Point Stimulation uses pressure points in the face to help restore equanimity to the subtle body.

Apprentice Opportunities

Herbal Crafter Apprenticeship: We are always looking for kind, inquiring minds with able hands and eager smiles to come and apprentice for us. This apprenticeship teaches the art of herbal crafting through practice and hands-on making of our herbal goods. It includes packaging the goods, cleaning up after the job, and learning to make tea for oneself and one’s companions to lift our collective spirits. Please inquire if you are interested and we will invite you for a Trial Work Day at the start of next 3 months.

We are in the midst of our Fall Apprentice Session now! Our Apprentice Day is Thursdays from 1pm until 5pm, starting a new session in January 2018. Trial Workdays will happen early January. Please contact us for those dates to sign up.  Apply for our Herbal Crafter Apprenticeship.

What is our Herbal Crafter Apprenticeship?

We are a group of naturally oriented women who craft herbal skincare products together at our workshop on 1301 Prospect Avenue in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Apprenticing gives you an opportunity to work with beautiful raw materials and herbs (including butters, oils, clays, hydrosols, etc) and help out with our product production. You will learn the properties of all the materials you are crafting as well as have the opportunity to ask questions of the experienced crew about remedies etc.

This work can be challenging and physically demanding, so we ask that applicants are in good health and able to contribute to the physical labor. Grating beeswax or pouring an oil infusing can be tiring! You are given an hourly product allowance according to the hours you work so that you can take home all the fruits of your labor and enjoy them. There is no financial compensation. This is a 3 month commitment. Please arrive promptly at 1pm and plan on staying until 5pm. Attendance is very important and you must make a firm commitment to come to each session, barring illness or an emergency. Apprentices who miss more than 1 session may lose their position to someone who can make the commitment.

Why do we hold a Trial?

We hold a trial workday to see if we are a good fit for each other. We have a very limited space for Apprentices and can only have a small group, but we encourage people to try for another session if they aren’t able to be accommodated in the current one. Attitude and work ethic are extremely important to us. We are looking for people who are eager to learn everything we have to teach and are willing to take on whatever the task at hand. Positive thought and action are most welcome. Our happiness depends upon each other’s company and loving kindness.

Here’s what to expect on your trial day: You can wear a lovely dress or cool pants, but you may get a little sweaty doing something like hoisting a box of bottles, washing out a vessel, and of course, herbal crafting! We will be making a product on your trial workday – it could be any of our herbal goods. Some of them require steady hands for pouring, some require careful measuring, others are just a matter of mixing and packaging, but all require love and care. You will be able to experience the personalities of our team members, in particular Sarah Deeley, our Senior Aesthetician who heads our Apprenticeship Program.

Holistic Aesthetician/Holistic Skin Care Specialist Apprenticeship: Requires a NYS Aesthetician’s License or equivalent. Our 245 hour program offers a complete tutelage in the art of Holistic Skin Care Services. Please inquire for details.

Employment Opportunities

Do you think you would enjoy learning about herbs, skincare, and a holistic approach to health? Do you thrive in a serene and flexible environment? Come work with us! We hire most of our Herbal Crafters and Holistic Aestheticians from our apprenticeship programs. If you are interested in joining our community, please reach out!

Spas & Aestheticians

If you wish to offer Holistic Facial Services using the Between You & the Moon Products, we have a SPA Collection specifically tailored for this purpose.

This collection includes a full product set-up for one treatment room.

It includes our exclusive training manual, online training videos, and in-store or telephone Q&A and/or product demonstration. Contact us for more information and pricing.

In addition, in-treatment training sessions with Emma Graves may be purchased at the Holistic Skincare Training rate. We also offer an Aesthetician Apprenticeship Program at the Brooklyn Herborium, which culminates with a Holistic Skincare Specialist Certification. (Please Inquire for details.)

In order to purchase this package, you must be a licensed spa, skincare educator or a licensed aesthetician/cosmetologist.