Our Between You & the Moon Holistic Skincare:

  • Basic Holistic Skincare: Our foundational cleanser and facial oil along with mineral mists and clays, perfect for bringing skin back to its most healthy and detoxified state.
    <No preservatives at all in these products>
  • Advanced Holistic Skincare: Used judiciously, these are our more powerful tools to work on particular skin issues. <Minimal natural preservation systems are used in these products>
  • Apothecary: Our favorite traditional herbal medicine in the form of skincare.
    <No preservatives at all in these products>
  • Between a Rock & a Hard Face: Our Men’s Products for Shaving
  • Gift Collections: Something for Everyone.

Baby Moon & Momma Moon Holistic Skincare:

  • Baby Moon Collection: We’ve got baby covered from sweet little head to teeny tiny toes with organic and wild-crafted ingredients in the must-haves of baby skincare.
  • Mamma Moon Products: Must Haves for post birth body care

Brooklyn Herborium’s Clean & Green Collection

Our Handsoap, Deodorizer, and Essential Oil to keep your home and hands clean and chemical-free.

Vegans! We’ve got lots of love for you too! Check out all our Vegan Products.

A lovely assortment of Essential Oils (pure, organic, and signature blends).

In our store, we carry bulk herbs and herb supply products as well as singularly interesting items of Retail. Please inquire for details.

2 thoughts on “Goods

  1. Roxanne McIntosh gave me some of your products for Xmas and I love them. I will try to get to the store and see what I can buy. I have super sensitive skin and these products are perfect. Today I went out for the first time in many yrs. only with the moisturizer. A neighbor saw me on the street and complimented me on my skin. I told her about your products and she will be contacting you! I never dreamt that at age 74 anyone would compliment me! GREAT PRODUCTS! I need sunscreen! Do you make it? this a must for me!

    • Thanks Adriana! We don’t make a sunscreen, but recommend using one that’s a physical block (usually zinc based) as opposed to a chemical block. Your best bet is to wear a lovely stylish hat and try to avoid the direct sun during peak hours. This isn’t always possible, but it’s best for your skin’s health. We don’t mind a little sun on our limbs since that’s how our bodies make Vitamin-D. Please do come visit us across the East River!

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