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Herbal Crafter Apprenticeship: We are always looking for kind, inquiring minds with able hands and eager smiles to come and apprentice for us. This apprenticeship teaches the art of herbal crafting through practice and hands-on making of our herbal goods. It includes packaging the goods, cleaning up after the job, and learning to make tea for oneself and one’s companions to lift our collective spirits. Please inquire if you are interested and we will invite you for a Trial Work Day at the start of next 3 months. Considering the pandemic continuing into 2021, we can not say for certain when we will resume our in-person apprenticeships. Please reach out to us to be placed on a contact list if you wish to be informed.


What is our Herbal Crafter Apprenticeship?

We are a group of naturally oriented humans who craft herbal skincare products together at our workshop on 1301 Prospect Avenue in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn. Apprenticing gives you an opportunity to work with beautiful raw materials and herbs (including butters, oils, clays, hydrosols, etc) and help out with our product production. You will learn the properties of all the materials you are crafting as well as have the opportunity to ask questions of the experienced crew about remedies etc.

This work can be challenging and physically demanding, so we ask that applicants are in good health and able to contribute to the physical labor. Grating beeswax or pouring an oil infusion can be tiring!  This is a three month commitment which has very limited space. We ask that participants take this opportunity quite seriously. Please arrive before our official start time and plan on staying until all cleanup is attended to. For your own education as well as the group’s integrity, attendance is required for each session, barring illness or an emergency. Apprentices who miss more than 1 session may lose their position to someone who can make the commitment. In addition, key educational elements presented in each session build upon each other and are needed to understand subsequent lessons.

Details for 2022 Fall

Location: Windsor Terrace Workshop (1301 Prospect Ave, Brooklyn NY)

Time: We’ll meet Friday mornings (9am until 1pm) September 9 – December 2, 2022

What we’ll doing: We will be ‘Herbal Crafting’ together. This means we’ll gather at our Windsor Terrace workshop for guided meditation and discussion about Brooklyn Herborium philosophy and methodology. We’ll share in functional wisdom. We’ll learn about holistic skincare, and we’ll craft skincare products together, too, working with beautiful raw materials. You will also get to take home one of each of the products we make together

Attendance Note: Attendance is important. Please commit to attend every session, barring illness or an emergency, as it is a wonderful benefit to you.

Program Fee: $880.00. This covers our instructor’s time and materials & products for you to take home and enjoy.


Week 1 – September 9 – Introduction to Good Housekeeping & Herbal Crafter Protocols 
Getting to know infusions: 
Discuss 5 Herb Infusion 
Swish Oils 
Red Clover & Calendula 
Arnica in Sesame 
Topic: Preparations & Formulations: Power of Properly Prepared Plants 
Craft: Cold Infusion of Plantain in raw sesame Oil for Balm Day in 6 weeks

Week 2 – September 16 – WEED WALK in Prospect Park – Herbalism in the Field 
Learn to identify common plant helpers that grow locally 
White pine 
Juniper berry 
Topic: Beginning Tincturing 
Craft: Herbal crafting with our foraged materials

Week 3 – September 23 – Hydrosol Crafting & Essential Oil Education 
Demo – Distillate of Herb (TBD) 
Topic: Essential Oils and Disillates 
Craft: Custom blending essential oils for personal scents

Week 4 – September 30 – Mineral Mists and Medicinal Sprays: Uses and formulation 
Topic: Minerals in the body and absorption 
Craft: Mineral Mist

Week 5 – October 7 – Functional Oils for the skin 
Topic: Oil + Mist Duo : Why do we need to combine products to help them enter our skin 
Craft: Functional Oil

Week 6 – October 14 – Cleansing Introduction 
Topic: Discuss SOW + Oil Cleansing – Build Up | Break Down 
Craft: Sow Your Wild Oats 
Topic: Touch on Advanced TX and Exfoliation / stagnation TX 
Craft: Clay

Week 7 – October 21 – Herbal Tisanes & Diet – introduce internal balance + Nutrition 
Topic: Diet for incredibly good skin 
Craft: CRAFT a tea and sourdough Loaf

Week 8 – October 28 – Balm Introduction 
Herbal Oil Infusion Decant 
Topic: Balms & Practical guidance on preservation 
Craft: Healer Balm (with Plantain Oil we infused week 1)

Week 9 – November 4 – Biome Integrity: Integrity Biome Mask and Wash 
Topic: Mask application and proper mixingHerbs of Cow Fart and Biome 
Craft: Integrity Biome + Fill Cow Fart Juice

Week 10 – November 11 – Herbal Body Care Introduction: Discuss All Body Care + Renewal Botanical 
Topic: 5 forgotten lessons 
Craft: Ancient Secrets / Salt of the Earth

Week 11 – November 18 – Fall Medicinals 
Topic: Wheel of the Year 
Craft: Decant Bitters / Fire Cider / Elderberry Syrup


Week 12 – December 2 – Potluck Day! 
Body Mind Spirit Introduction 
Wisdom Connection Discussion 
Learn Alignment Technique: Practice on self and others


We hire exclusively through this program, so please bear that in mind if you are interested in working with us as an herbal crafter. The program has a fee (please contact us for details) that covers our instructor’s time and materials & products for you to take home and enjoy.

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