Cow Fart Juice: Irritated Skin Guide

Cow Fart Juice, photographed by Emma Graves at Brooklyn Herborium in NYC

Cow Fart Juice is a gentle, enjoyable, aromatic way to support your traumatized skin from the outside so that true healing has the ability to occur from the inside. For some who have struggled with their skin, it can seem like a miracle. But Cow Fart Juice isn’t a drug and is not meant to be used like a drug. Yes, you may find immediate relief when you decant a few drops from the little brown bottle with the cow on the front and apply it directly to the area that is bothering you, but there is so much more you can be doing to improve the health and appearance of your skin.

What is a Cure for Irritated Skin?

Cow Fart Juice is not the cure, but it is an incredible way to soothe and protect damaged skin so that the skin can heal itself. If the problem is acute (meaning immediate and short-lived), such as a cut or scrape, occasional pimple, or rash due to exposure to an allergen, fungus, or bacteria, then Cow Fart Juice can seem like magic in that the issue usually looks visibly better and disappears quicker when you use the product twice a day on the spot.

But chronic problems (such as eczema) have a deeper story. A chronic situation is one that has been occurring over time. We holistic practitioners tend to think of them as “dysfunctional feedback loops,” where things just keep going wrong and the body just doesn’t have a chance to heal. Although adding Cow Fart Juice topically can bring swift relief and visible improvement to an area where you may be experiencing a chronic skin problem, it won’t fix an underlying problem — that’s where nourishment and understanding how your body works come in.

For Chronic Conditions, Use Cow Fart Juice With a Mineral Mist

For chronic conditions, where you will be using Cow Fart Juice for more than five days on a condition that comes from inside your body, you will get dramatically better results using one of our Mineral Mists with the Cow Fart Juice. Not only does the Mineral Mist’s hydrophilic properties help the Cow Fart Juice penetrate deeper into the skin and provide much-needed hydration to rough spots, but the minerals in the Mineral Mist improve how the cells are communicating (maybe they will stop yelling!) and the skin’s overall ability to renew itself.


For skin irritations on the body, consider the Instant Alchemy Mineral Mist. It has a high concentration of minerals (particularly magnesium), and although it may tingle, it gets the minerals right where you need them. Drip 3 drops of Cow Fart Juice into the palm of your hand, and spray 5 pumps of the Mineral Mist directly into the Cow Fart Juice in your hand. Apply to the area. If you have a large area to cover, repeat the process with the same number of drops and sprays (3 drops + 5 sprays).


For the face, use one of the Mineral Mists from our Functional Skincare line. In the case of skin irritations, you may want to choose Sense & Sensitivity Mineral Mist if you tend toward redness, or Integrity Mineral Mist if it tends to take a long time for your skin to heal and you are left with marks. Choose Pore Refining Mineral Mist if your skin appears lifeless and dull. And if you are using Cow Fart Juice in the case of acne, consider the Clear Complexion Mineral Mist. Don’t fret if you don’t know which one is “best,” as they will all work to deliver the key nutrients to your skin. Choose the one that most appeals to you, or get them all and rotate between them, choosing the one that most appeals to you in the moment.

Again, drip 3 drops of Cow Fart Juice into the palm of your hand, and spray 5 pumps of the Mineral Mist directly into the Cow Fart Juice in your hand. Apply to the area. If you have a large area to cover, or if it soaks in immediately and you still feel a bit dry, repeat the process with the same number of drops and sprays (3 drops + 5 sprays).

• Healing
• Potent

Great for those who experience
• Severe breakouts with scarring
• Fungal issues
• Cold sores
• Itching skin

And may be looking for
• Deep healing
• Reestablishing a healthy biome

A Little-Known Secret:

In the past couple of years, we have introduced our Vita-C skincare line, first to our partners in Hong Kong and then worldwide. The Vita-C line offers a unique way to harness the best properties of nature and science to give anyone healthy, vibrant skin by providing it with what it needs, when it needs it. What does this have to do with eczema? Well, the Mineral Mist from this collection, called the Brightening Botanical Mist, does more than just use botanicals to achieve brighter, more radiant skin: It specifically targets cellular renewal by offering the skin a precise blend of plant- and mineral-based nourishment. What I am trying to say is that while quite a lot of other people may be using the Brightening Botanical Mist in order to keep their skin “younger-looking” (meaning fresh and vibrant!), if you are suffering from topical irritations, it could be useful to you as well.

What About Children and Babies?

Cow Fart Juice is safe and effective for use on children and babies. This recipe is based on an old family healing remedy that I (Emma) learned from my elders. It was used during childbirth and has a place at every phase of a person’s life. If you are putting it on a small cut or scrape, there is no need to dilute it or add the Mineral Mist, but if you are using it for chronic skin irritations, or if you are using it like a lotion over a larger area, then it is important that you use it with ample clean water. I would suggest either the Sense & Sensitivity Mineral Mist or the Integrity Mineral Mist.  While the others wouldn’t hurt them if that is all you have, these two mists are usually the most pleasant for children. Do not use the Instant Alchemy Mineral Mist, as it can tingle and make them uncomfortable.

  • If your baby is under 5 months old, or if you do not have one of our Mineral Mists, use a good mineral water instead.
  • Pour mineral water into a small, clean spray bottle, and spray directly into the Cow Fart Juice as described above. (A good ratio is 3 drops + 5 to 6 sprays.)
  • Keep in the refrigerator for up to one week, and then discard the water, refilling with fresh mineral water for the next week.
  • Do not use a rosewater or a hydrosol in place of this, as they are distilled and devoid of any minerals.

In Some Cases, There Is More to Consider:

You don’t have eczema due to a lack of Cow Fart Juice, right? So just adding Cow Fart Juice topically, even with a Mineral Mist, may not be the end of your eczema if there is a deeper issue. Many practitioners (both holistic and medical) look at eczema as a type of inflammation of the skin, similar to asthma in the lungs, where the cells (in an effort to connect or communicate) are practically yelling at each other. Medical doctors may say that they don’t know why it happens, while holistic practitioners associate this type of skin issue with problems in the gut.

In this case, we nourish the skin from the outside in at the same time as we nourish the body from the inside out. The health of the skin can certainly reflect the health of the “skintestines”!

Check out our articles “The Diet for Incredibly Good Skin,” “Good Sense for Sensitivity,” and “Your Microbiome: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” on our Resources pages. You can also schedule a holistic skincare/self-care consultation either in person at one of our Brooklyn locations or over Zoom.

Common Questions:

How is it possible that Cow Fart Juice can be good for all these different things?

Unlike a drug or conventional medicine, Cow Fart Juice does not target and try to change/control what the skin is doing. Instead, it is providing an optimum array of nutrients that benefit the skin from the outside while protecting it from malicious microbes (bacteria, fungus, etc.) so that the skin itself is able to find its own balance and heal all on its own.

I’ve heard great things about your Cow Fart products! But I would like to know the difference between Cow Fart Juice and Cow Fart Goo. 

All of the Cow Fart products are made with the same herbs and infused oils. The difference is that while the “juice” is in a liquid (oil) form, the “goo” has beeswax so that it is solid, in the form of a balm. Cow Fart Juice is more potent, while Cow Fart Goo sticks around a specific area longer, protecting that area from outside irritants.

Cow Fart Juice is better as a spot treatment if you have picked at something, or as an oil cleanser. It is also the best choice for use with a Mineral Mist on a chronic condition. You can read about Cow Fart Juice here:

Our Favorite Herbal Remedy: Cow Fart Juice

Cow Fart Goo is better for applying over a wound once it has scabbed, or over an area that you want to protect, such as rough patches on your hands while doing the dishes. It’s great on cuticles or your heels, particularly if you experience any fungal issues (athlete’s foot, etc.). Here is an article on how to use balms.

Will this product get rid of my dermatitis?

While it may feel good and provide relief from dermatitis for a while, Cow Fart Juice is not the best thing we offer to resolve this issue. You can read our articles “Good Sense for Sensitivity” and “Feeling Dry?” to learn more about how we look at and respond to dermatitis. Perhaps a consultation with one of our holistic facialists, including an Integrative Therapy for Barrier Repair, is in your future.

How can I get some of this stuff if I don’t live in Brooklyn?

Great news: We can ship to you anywhere on Earth via USPS Priority International Flat Rate! (It takes six to 10 days.) We are working hard to get orders out, but it can take up to a week to ship from our workshop in Brooklyn. Order online through our shop, or if you would like a custom quote for your precise order, email us through this website. There is no minimum quantity.

If you are in Asia, as an alternative, we recommend buying from our Hong Kong partners. (If out of stock, send them a message, and they may be able to get you some product locally.)

If you are in Canada, ask your local skincare and apothecary shops to carry Brooklyn Herborium products. This can reduce the cost of shipping and decrease the travel time for your orders to get to you.

I’m traveling to Brooklyn. Can I come visit?

Yes, please! Both of our shops in Brooklyn are open daily (except Mondays), and we would love to have you visit. The two locations are quite different, but each is lovely in its own way. Out little shop on Columbia Street is where it all began. It’s sweet, and you can get our products there, but it might not be as thrilling as seeing Brooklyn Herborium’s Windsor Terrace Workshop, which has both a wider assortment of goods and the opportunity to peek in at our herbal crafters as they hand-craft these unique products. If you are coming from Manhattan, I suggest taking the F train to Fort Hamilton Parkway and getting off at the north side of the train. Our Windsor Terrace shop is right across the street from one of the exits. Book an appointment for a consultation or service here.

We hope to see you soon!


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By Emma Graves

Emma, a certified herbalist and highly skilled aesthetician, has been working in natural skin care since 1998. She originally developed the Between You & the Moon product line to serve her clients in finding a method of natural, holistic skin care that provided tangible results. A 4+ generation holistic practitioner, Emma chronicled her love of skin care and holistic methods in her early blog “The Pimple Whisperer,” some of which is still available on this website.

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