Introducing: Vita-C Daily Hydration Cream

Between You & The Moon Skin Care was created to provide products based on nature that support natural skin function. This means that our method is designed to prevent your skin from becoming “addicted” to the product so that you can take breaks and come back to it at anytime and still get great results.

Conventional moisturizers, in particular, tend to be overly-active and overly-used. They get your skin “hooked” on a control cycle that trains your skin to stop doing what it needs to do for itself so that you continually have to increase the amount and strength of product that you use.


Vita-C Daily Hydration Cream

This unique and uplifting Daily Hydration Cream has been formulated with natural ingredients that have been known to assist the skin in maintaining hydration throughout the day while providing essential vitamin power from wild berries. Light in feel, it penetrates the skin, leaving no residue, while providing a protective layer. It is part of our Advanced Skin Care line, which provides a gentle path away from harsh, controlling skin care products towards a more natural and radiant future.

Our Vita-C Daily Hydration Cream is formulated to coax your skin back to a place where you are no longer reliant on any product for clear, healthy skin with a good oil/water balance. Of course, you may continue to use this product once that balance has been met, but we suggest moving to our Functional Skin Care Line and coming back periodically when you feel like a little boost is in order! 

How does it do this?

Aids in Oil/Water Balance

The exquisite balance of this hydration cream–with plenty of water from Organic Aloe Leaf Juice and a perfect blend of Essential Fatty Acids from Rosehips, Raspberry, Cranberry, and Blueberry–helps your skin retain moisture better.

To further aid the skin’s oil/water balance and to move away from the controlling teeter-totter of “drying it out, then oiling it up,” both morning and night, we recommend: 

In the morning, instead of using a cleanser, facial bathe with water. You can do this by cupping water in your palms and dipping your face in it, or splashing water on your skin, or compressing water to your face with a towel. This helps to flush out the metabolic wastes that your body produces while you sleep. No cleanser needed.

In the evening, cleanse and then skip moisturizing at night so that your body will produce its own moisture while you sleep.

Boosts Tissue Repair with Vitamin C

Vitamin C, along with highly antioxidant polyphenols, is essential for the immune system. While it is necessary to get these nutrients and compounds from our diet for everything to work well from the inside out, it is also helpful to provide them from the outside in, encouraging a light Antioxidant Response Element without going into total clean-up mode all the time.

Utilizes the Powerful Properties of Plants

So often, products depend on overt amounts of rare plants (usually processed until they have become more drug-like than plant-like) for their effectiveness. At Brooklyn Herborium, we appreciate every opportunity in which we are reminded that subtle quantities of lesser-potent plants can be just as effective—sometimes much more so. Though there are many helpful ingredients in this product, we want to highlight two powerful plants in our Daily Hydration Cream that tend to be used quite a bit in holistic skincare-and for good reasons. 

The unique properties of the plant extracts that are in this product work together in a way that may actually reduce allergic reactions.

*According to a report published in the Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal by a team of researchers from Korea

Directions for Use

This product is most effective when used daily in the morning after you have splashed your skin with clean water. Follow with 6 sprays of a Mineral Mist (many prefer the Vita-C Brightening Botanical Mist) to improve cellular communication and massage into the skin. Allow it absorb before applying your next layers such as sun protection and make-up. As with all active products that contain vitamins, it is a good idea to rotate between this Daily Hydration Cream and your Moisture Duo.

Connection to Our Supportive, Holistic Philosophy

Within the course of one month, the body replaces the epidermal cells with new cells that are being produced by the inner cells, rising to the surface from the dermis. When we support the skin by giving it what it needs when it needs it, the dermis can recreate itself better, allowing the formation of a more uniform skin tone. If one were to use products to try to control (either forcing or hindering) this natural process, the body has a hard time making the lovely, even complexion that it already knows how to (re)create and maintain on its own!

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Functional Skincare

All of the products in our Functional Skincare Line are free from artificial chemicals and preservatives. They are formulated to synergistically work with each other to help your skin meet all of its topical basic needs and promote healthy, functional, beautiful skin.

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