Advanced Cleansing that Supports the Barrier

Between You & The Moon Skin Care was created to provide products based on nature that support natural skin function. Commercial cleansers, in particular, tend to be overly-harsh and overly-used. All of our methods of cleansing (both in the Advanced Line and the Functional Skin Care Line) are designed to be used in a way that gives the skin what it needs and then allows it to continue the process on its own.

Our particular method focuses on three points

1. Support the Microbiome

All of our cleansers promote a pH and topical terrain that encourages the good bacteria to stay, while it manages the malicious organisms that lead to pimples and pus bumps and inflammation. (oh my)


2. Aid in Oil/Water Balance

Rather than controlling the skin, putting you on a teeter-totter of “drying it out, then oiling it up” both morning and night, cleansing before bed with a gentle, properly balanced cleanser (such as this Vita-C Nightly Cleanser) within our recommended regimen teaches your skin to find its own balance so that you can step off the control cycle. Many people think topical oil/water imbalance is a problem that comes from having combination skin, but we look at as a symptom of impaired Barrier Function.


3. Allow for Proper Tissue Development

The anti-inflammatory properties of plants in their natural state calm the skin just enough to bring relief without suppressing the body’s immune mechanisms. These same plants can simultaneously acts as catalyst for skin cell regeneration, allowing for a level of healing that most cleansers cannot.


Powerful Properties of Plants

So often, products depend on overt amounts of rare plants (usually processed until they have become more drug-like than plant-like) for their effectiveness. At Brooklyn Herborium, we appreciate every opportunity in which we are reminded that subtle quantities of lesser-potent plants can be just as effective—sometimes much more so. Though there are many helpful ingredients in this product, we want to highlight two powerful plants that tend to be used quite a bit in holistic skincare-and for good reasons. *

Directions for Use

This product is most effective when used 3-6 times per week in the evening and removed with a steamy washcloth. Follow with 6 sprays of a Mineral Mist (many prefer the Vita-C Brightening Botanical Mist) to improve cellular communication and a lymphatic massage to help with detoxification. Due to its adaptogenic properties and the idea that we need to take a break at night and let the skin detoxify and renew itself, it is best to refrain from moisturizing before bed. In the morning, it is helpful to flush your skin with water to continue the body’s natural cleansing process.


Connection to Our Supportive, Holistic Philosophy

Within the course of one month, the body replaces the epidermal cells with new cells that are being produced by the inner cells, rising to the surface from the dermis. When we support the skin by giving it what it needs when it needs it, the dermis can recreate itself better, allowing the formation of a more uniform skin tone. If one were to use products to try to control (either forcing or hindering) this natural process, the body has a hard time making the lovely, even complexion that it already knows how to (re)create and maintain on its own!


Vita-C Nightly Cleanser
Organic Cotton Wash Cloths
Vita-C Brightening Botanic Mist
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