Facial Bathing

Each night, after the sun sets and we are called to rest, the body (as well as the wild world) gets a chance to reset, recalibrate, and renew. In the early morning, as the flowers, leaves, and blades of grass cool by radiating heat, atmospheric moisture condenses at a rate greater than that at which it can evaporate, resulting in the formation of the water droplets we call dew.

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Taking Our Cues From the Natural World

As we take our cues from the natural world, we settle into a pattern as clear as the rising and falling of the tides or the waxing and waning of the moon. As we sleep, it is important to allow the skin to reset. This is one of the many reasons why we don’t recommend moisturizing or using controlling products that “do” something for the skin before bed. We clean the skin, enjoy a few pumps of Mineral Mist (to encourage good cellular communication) and then let the skin do what the skin does until morning. The body uses the skin as a vital method of releasing metabolic wastes and we certainly don’t want to hinder that process by slathering on active products.

When morning comes, it is natural to want to splash fresh water on our face. It feels good. It wakes us up and refreshes the senses. Furthermore, water rinses and clears water-based emissions (such as sweat) from the skin. Flushing the skin with water, along with starting your day by drinking a cup of pure water, does wonders for the process of elimination and it the most important step in preventing and relieving stress bumps.

We call our morning ritual of flushing the skin with water Facial Bathing. Put simply, it means that we want you to hold water in your cupped hands and gently dip your face in (not for too long–remember to breathe!) a few times and then splash water over the face. 

What Can You Use for Facial Bathing?

You may find it helpful to keep a bowl handy to fill with your facial bathing waters. (You could use your sink basin–but I share mine with little boys so I never trust it will be up to my standards of clean)

  • Plain, pure water. Start where you are and do the best you can with what you have. Use a temperature that feels good to you. Start with warm water and finish off with a bunch of splashes of cold…Even better if you have a filter on your faucet. 
  • Inner Strength Tea, Stress Bump Tea or Green Tea. Add it to your bowl and then mix in either hot or cold water to bring it to a comfortable temperature before you begin your ritual.
  • Dew Drops (keep reading to find out more). Use 1 drop per cup of water.

Introducing Dew Drops

Our Dew Drops mimic nature’s water purification process by condensing water that has picked up plant essences through distillation and enhancing them with trace minerals and elemental energy, reviving their vitality.

Like the water collected off the early morning plants and minerals, hydrosols are graced by the essence of the plant world. When you add our Dew Drops to your morning basin of water for your facial bathing, you are diluting the energy-rich hydro-distillations to flush out the metabolic wastes that may accumulate in the night.

How to Use

Use daily in the morning as a “Facial Bath” to flush out metabolic wastes that the body produces while you sleep. 

Facial Bath: Fill your sink basin or a bowl with water. Drip 1 drop of Dew Drops per cup of water. Use your palms to cup the water and gently place your face in the water for a few moments. Do this a couple times. You may also soak a cloth in this water and make a compress. Hold the saturated cloth to your skin for a few moments, taking time to breath in and out through your nose. This is best done in the morning or daytime without oil or a cleanser and then followed with your Moisture Duo.

What’s in Dew Drops?

Hydro-distillation of Rubus idaeus (Red Raspberry Leaf) is naturally astringent and known to tone and tighten the skin topically without drying it out. It’s tannins have been studied for the ability to stimulate cell rejuvenation.

Hydro-distillation of Achillia millefolium (Yarrow) is known for being antiseptic as well as for its ability to reduce inflammation. It has a long standing history in herbal medicine for being useful in wound-healing.

Hydro-distillation of Sambucus nigra (Elderflower) comes from the Elder tree which has been referred to as the “Tree of Life” due to both its mystical properties as well as its unique healing properties. It has been used by ladies throughout the ages as a facial tonic to reduce the appearance of dark spots and other visible signs of degradation in the skin.

Over 70 Trace Minerals which are needed for the body to perform properly and specifically known to assist in cellular communication. 

***Because of the unique way Dew Drops are produced, they are shelf-stable for at least a year with absolutely no artificial preservatives. 

Contained within these ethereal drops is the subtle essence of the plants. Can they remind us how to reconnect with the earth and simply be in the here and now?

Who Should Use Dew Drops?

Dew Drops are especially useful if you have a tendency towards hyper immune responses (pus, inflammation, histamine) or are trying to reduce the appearance of damage from your past (acne scars, dark spots, wrinkles) but can be enjoyed regularly by just about everyone. As with most herbal products, it can be helpful to rotate your methods so that your body gets a chance to step up its own game when you take breaks. You can do this by taking a break 2 days a week or one week per month. You will find that when you come back to it, the product seems to “work better!”

Everything you need to know will reveal itself at the right time.

Listening to Plant Messages

As in respiration, herbs (our allies in the plant world) are our symbiotic partners in re-creation. We of the animal kingdom breath out what they breath in and plants, in turn, breath out the precise gas we need in order to continue living. The plant messages (essences, if you will) resonate with our own body messages, reminding us of what we need to know within our subtle body to be exactly where we are – right now.

Learning from Ancient Seabeds

Rushing through mountain riverbeds or laying still and deep inside the earth, living water picks up trace amounts of minerals and elemental energy from its natural surroundings. These minerals are absolutely necessary for every living being’s cells to translate the messages of the natural world.


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