Tending to Our Senses

Written and Illustrated by Krista Dragomer

What would our lives be like if we tended to our senses more? What choices would we make about the lights above our heads and flickering past our eyes, the sounds vibrating through our bodies, the scents that draw us into a memory or warn us of danger, the taste that confirms that we know what our bodies need despite the 1,001 internet articles we’ve read telling us otherwise, the fabrics that brush against our bodies and calm us in moments of stress when we remember to feel.

This is what you get with your Mineral Mist: an opportunity to listen to your body. To choose the right one for you, follow your nose. Your body will respond (mmmm, ahhh) to what it needs. Your thinking, thinking, thinking brain can rest while you let your olfactory nerves direct you. Being aware of what smells appealing to us helps us learn to receive the wisdom of our senses.

If you are reading from afar and aren’t able to come into the shop and smell the Mineral Mists for yourself, perhaps there is a sense memory that you can call up to guide you. Was there a time when you were pruning lemon verbena and had to pause because you couldn’t stop smelling your hands? Did a bouquet of roses open a room to you in a whole new way? Did a stalk of fennel on a farmstand trigger a sudden rush of clarity? Did the scent of holy basil inspire you to sit in stillness for just another moment? Chances are, these sense experiences will correspond to the topical symptoms or body systems that are in need of extra attention and care.

The physical nature of what a Mineral Mist does to improve how the skin is functioning — providing moisture to prevent dehydration while assisting the body with mineral absorption — stays the same regardless of your choice. You can’t do it wrong.

Let that feeling swim freely in your body and breath in that sense of freedom that comes with self trust: mmmm, ahhh.