Sowing the Seeds of Change

0032Let us tell you about the Seeds of Change: This powerful antioxidant oil blend of cold-pressed organic seeds enhances the skin’s renewal by preventing cellular degradation and free radical damage while supporting it’s delicate biome.

A human skin cycle is generally considered to be about 28 days, though it gets longer as we grow older. It takes a mere 28 days for baby cells to mature and then become our outer layer cells before they slough off and become part of the outside world. But this event is not merely a cycle; every time a new cell is created it is slightly changed and does not renew exactly as the time before. Seeds of Change is a lovely way to take this opportunity to support your skin in renewing in an upward spiral of health and beauty!

• Brightening 
• Toning

Great for those who experience 
• Wrinkles 
• Sun damage 
• Scars 
• PIH (Post-inflammation hyper-pigmentation) 
• Thickened skin

And may be looking for 
• Renewal

Who Is It For?

Everyone except those with the most “reactive” sensitive skin can get a boost by periodically adding Seeds of Change to your regular regimen. We like to think of it as “Super-Foods” for your skin. We need our daily dose of Nourishment (Nourish & Replenish Oil) and Hydration (Your Mineral Mist), but sometimes your body just wants a little more.

Seeds of Change is especially helpful for mature or damaged skin as an added means of reducing the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and sun damage. In this case, use more often! (and be sure to eat well and use a hat when you are outdoors for more than 15 minutes; a physical barrier works so much better than a chemical one!)

When to Use It?

Oil Cleanser or Pre-Cleanser with Sow Your Wild Oats
• An easy way to create a gentle and lasting change: In the evening, add 5-10 drops to 1 tsp of Sow Your Wild Oats and 1 tsp water. Apply as you normally would for cleansing with Sow Your Wild Oats or get into the shower and and gently scrub with wet fingertips. As with all cleansing, remove with a damp washcloth. Do this up to 4 times a week.

If you have generally healthy, well-functioning skin that has seen a lot of damage in the past and you are looking to make a dramatic change, use Seeds of Change in the morning as part of your Moisture Duo.

Moisture Duo
• Drip 3 drops of Seeds of Change Oil in your palm and spray 5-6 pumps of your Mineral Mist directly into the oil.
• Massage into face for 1 minute and allow to absorb.
• For best results, do this 3-6 weeks at a time and then go back to Nourish & Replenish Oil. Remember, you cannot live on super foods alone, you still need the basic necessities for proper health and skin function. Repeat 2-4 times a year.

Spot Treatment
Periodically dab a drop onto the areas you wish to address after your Moisture Duo or mix 1 drop into your coverup during your “on” times.

A Breakdown of Our Ingredients

Cranberry Seed Oil: Cranberry Seed Oil easily penetrates the skin and is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin A (essential for healing blemished skin) along with other important antioxidants. This certified organic oil also possesses a unique balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids not found in other oils, giving those who use Seeds of Change on a regular basis more resilience to cellular degradation in the rebuilding phase.

Rosehip Seed Oil: In the fall, all of the roses that were not picked from their stems become a small fruit which is the seed that may become the next generation of roses. Our certified organic rosehip oil is the oil pressed from these seed-fruits. High in essential fatty acids as well as natural Vitamin C, it has traditionally been used to soften and rejuvenate aging and damaged skin.

Apricot Kernel Seed Oil: light and skin-softening, the organic apricot kernel oil provides nutrition for the skin as well as protecting against damage caused by free radicals. Rich in Vitamin E and oleic acids, this oil give Seeds of Change it’s long lasting hydration retention.

Broccoli Seed Oil: Quick to absorb while pulling minerals and water into the cells, this precious oil is teeming with high omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamin A content. This makes the proportions we use in Seeds of Change excellent for moisture retention and encouraging cellular turnover.

Black Cumin Seed Oil: Nigella sativa is one the most revered medicinal seeds in history. These tiny black cumin seeds provide an all-around super multi-vitamin of nutrition. The ethically-sourced organic seed oil we use is highly anti-inflammatory and super-supportive of the skin’s metabolic function.

Golden Jojoba Seed Oil: This lovely seed oil closely resembles human sebum, a waxy substance produced by our skin glands, so it can act as a natural skin conditioner and seals the skin against destructive elements.

Pure Olive Squalene: Similar to the squalene component in human sebum {the skin’s source of oil that our glands produce to hold onto hydration}, we use this naturally derived oil as a stable source of protective moisture in Seeds of Change.

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