Your Own Personal Biome


Long, long before we two-legged skin creatures roamed the earth, there were all kinds of microbiota (such as bacteria, fungus, yeast, etc) living their little buggy lives and performing their special tasks. The human creature has been living and growing with these microorganisms as part of physical make-up this whole time and yet not only do we consider those little guys to be unimportant, but we take active measures to kill them all on a regular basis.

Collectively, we may have forgotten that we NEED them as much as they need us (maybe more so!). The microorganisms that live on the surface of our skin and inside our gut are important for our defensive line, our immune system, detoxification, elimination and a slew of other things we rarely give them credit for.

A unique balancing act: the good, the bad, the meh…

These tiny biota are a natural part of every body’s environment. We usually call the microflora that reside in our intestine probiotics and consider them to be “good” bacteria that keep harmful microorganisms (also known as pathogens) in check. In addition, they help to break down foods during digestion and actively assist in nutrient absorption from the foods we eat. They contribute so greatly to immune function that an imbalance could result in autoimmune issues. There are also bacteria that simply reside on the skin or in the gut that we do not consider to be pathogenic or benevolent. They help us by crowding out the pathogens, preventing the an overgrowth of the “bad” guys which, in turn, reduces infection and inflammation.

Unfortunately, there are many ways to turn your healthy, functioning biome into a cesspool of malicious microorganisms.

5 ways of turning your healthy, functioning microbiome into a cesspool of malicious microorganisms:

  • Antibiotics (both for disease and in our food production)
  • Antibacterial hand soaps and residue from dish soap
  • Preservatives and additives in skin care and other personal care products (even some toothpastes!)
  • Processed foods (and foods such as sugar that feed the bad guys)
  • Pesticides and their residues

*In the case of most antibiotics and pesticides, they wipe out ALL of the bacteria for a time. Unfortunately, the malicious bacteria tend to repopulate much quicker–especially if they are being fed the modern American diet. Ughhh.

OK, one more biggie: Stress! Stress has been well documented to offset the body’s delicate balance.

It’s a slippery slope that can get out of hand quickly:

  • Refined sugars feed the “bad guys” (pathogenic microorganisms)
  • Pharmaceuticals (and fake sugars) destroy the total microbiology.
  • The “bad guys” repopulate faster than the good guys and want you to eat more of what is going to feed them.
  • So you use more drugs (to kill the proliferation of bad guys) and your dysbiotic gut has you craving sweets and feeling disgusted by things like garlic and sauerkraut. (Among other foods that kill pathogens or provide probiotics)

This happens both topically and internally. Perhaps you want to look at your intestines as simply your skin on the inside…it’s a bit less gross than considering your skin to be your guts on the outside.

Prevention and reparation of body dysbiosis (both inside and out) involves regular self-care that does not use artificial chemicals or ingredients that destroy total microbiology while it nourishes the delicate and subtle biome that resides there. Some of our offerings include:

Our entire Between You & the Moon Functional Skincare Line: Formulated to provide nourishment to the skin and complete care without any artificial chemicals or preservatives. (Please note: This does not include our Advanced Skin Care Products: see one of our specialists if you have questions)

Wash Your Hands: Our Clean and Green products get your hands and home clean without damaging your skin or overdoing it.

Swish {Mouth} Oil: Oil has been used in oral care for generations upon generations. This does not replace your brushing and flossing (or tongue scraping) but it is useful in increasing enzymatic activity to kickstart digestion and pulling out oil soluble toxins that may reside in the mouth.

Biome Rehabilitation Peel: This fresh and vibrant peel is instrumental in rehabilitating and revitalizing a topical biome that may have found itself in the precarious position of having an overabundance of malicious microorganisms and a deficiency of beneficial flora. Sometimes, the external biome (the gut turned inside out…) gets a bit out of wack –perhaps due to medication, diet, the use of hand sanitizers, or simply a change in humidity. The Biome Rehabilitation Peel is not simply about exfoliation, but about re-foliation, lovingly nourishing the “life” of our depleted personal eco-system.

Biome Rehabilitation Foaming Cleanser: This potent cleanser is a useful first step in rehabilitating a topical biome that has found itself in the precarious position of having an overabundance of malicious microorganisms and a deficiency of beneficial flora.  Useful as part of a care regimen for those experiencing ongoing bacterial infection as well as proliferation of fungus, viral issues and other parasitic circumstances.  This is not intended to replace medication, but to keep the area clean and support healing.

A wonderful resource on this topic: TED Talks

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