Why We Include Minerals in All of Our Mists


Why We Include Minerals in All of Our Mists

There are over 300 minerals that humans need in very small amounts to perfectly coordinate all of our intricate body functions. Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle does not provide these for us automatically (who knows if it ever did?). Stress, lack of sleep, and a poor diet depletes our mineral reserves and can even reduce the body’s ability to absorb needed minerals.

When you are experiencing a mineral deficiency, one of the first dysfunctions we notice are irritations of the skin. When the body is deficient in specific minerals, the cells simply cannot function well enough to communicate properly. Conditions like eczema and psoriasis or other auto-immune issues tend to surface.

These types of internal issues can not solely be addressed by your skin care regimen, but we do have a few (eh-hem) solutions that can help to address mineral deficiency. One incredible aspect of the skin’s relationship to minerals is the ability to absorb what is needed through osmosis. This means that exposing the skin to these minerals makes them available to to the body. Just as impressively, the skin’s structure has built-in mechanisms that decide what it needs and is going to take in and what to leave out, so there is little chance of getting too much-unlike taking an oral supplement.

Using Between You & The Moon Mineral Mists in conjunction with our Herbal Facial Oils is our unique way of offering the skin these vital minerals while it moisturizes and protects the skin. These mists use the herbal actions of the hydro-distillates to gently reassure the skin that it doing just fine while offering a targeted blend of specific minerals that the cells can utilize to improve how it is functioning.

What else can I do to improve my mineral absorption?

  • We also have formulated a high mineral dosage mist called Instant Alchemy Mineral Mist that can be used in conjunction with with our Calendula & Red Clover Infused Coconut oil or Massage in a Bottle to address a variety of skin discomforts. When the body is low in certain minerals, you will feel it tingle until that deficiency has been restored.
  • Salt baths and salt steam rooms/caves have been used throughout history as healing modalities. We make a lovely bath soak (Soak Your Wild Oats) that it formulated to soothe and reassure the skin while offering up those trans-dermal minerals.  We suggest Momma Moon Sitz Bath (even if you are not a momma!) and Soak Your Wild Oats for a lovely, healing bath.
  • There are also ways to get more minerals out of your food and into your body. Diet for Incredibly Good Skin has some ideas for preparing food to get the most out of it.

Some examples of Minerals and what they do:

Magnesium: Magnesium regulates all our of metabolic processes. It does everything from keeping our heartbeat consistent, and enabling our cells to “take out the trash” to firing up our nerves and muscles while keeping our bones strong. In addition, it aids our immune system.

Sodium: In addition to stabilizing blood pressure and volume, sodium is responsible for regulating the normal function of muscles and nerves.

Potassium: This amazing electrical conductor is vital for cellular communication! Potassium enables cells, tissues and organs to thrive. It reminds the body to utilize protein in building muscles and break down fats and carbohydrates to use as energy.

Iodine: Important for thyroid gland function, iodine aids in the body’s metabolic exchanges.

Sulfur: A natural “disinfectant”, sulfer is revered as a powerful detoxifying agent encouraging the liver to work effectively at pulling toxins out of the blood stream so that they made be…”escorted to the toilet”.

Calcium: An essential mineral, calcium works with other minerals to strengthen bones and teeth while keeping cell membranes at it’s proper density.

Zinc:  A major player in the healing process, zinc hastens oxidization by reducing free radical damage and enables the “messages” that the cells need to heal properly.

How to best use this brilliant system? We created a series of Mineral Mists to use in conjunction with our facial moisture oil to feed our bodies the minerals needed as well as protect and moisturize the skin. We also have formulated a high mineral dosage mist called Instant Alchemy Mineral Mist that can be used in conjunction with any of our oils to address a variety of skin discomforts. We also recommend checking out this List of High Mineral Foods to add to your diet. The benefits are many!