Preserve Your Skin’s Natural Beauty in Your 30’s

Molly Watman, pictured above, as part of Elle Magazine’s #THISIS30 Campaign
Written by Molly Watman. Photo by Tyler Joe


A wise woman once told me, “As it begins, so it continues.” Taking care of our skin should start in our 20s, but often times we are too busy losing and finding ourselves to really focus on what’s going to preserve our beauty long term. Here’s a few key insights:


Fill the Box

You’ve been collecting, haven’t you. Samples of expensive products, drugstore junk, a cleanser you really hoped would be perfect but leaves you feeling dehydrated, stuff you got from your hotel stay last year…the list goes on. As we age, our skin reacts more sensitively to artificial ingredients in our skincare. We don’t have the quick recovery of our youth, the elasticity, the plentiful moisture. Put all the junk in a box, and use only high quality products, simpler and fewer is better.
Recommendations for Starting Holistic Skincare


Reassess Your Nutrition

So you’re eating low-fat strawberry yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch, and chicken cooked in canola oil for dinner. Healthy right? Not for your skin. We need saturated fats, silica, bone marrow, fermented foods, cooked greens, and omega-3s for healthy vibrant skin.  And of course, lots of water and herbal infusions which will keep your skin cells hydrated and healthy.
Take a look at our Diet for Incredibly Good Skin


Mature Your Life Habits

Healthy skin starts with well-nourished cells, protected cells who are rested and not overworked. This means staying out of the direct sun during the heat of the day, or wearing a nice big hat if you are out. It means quitting smoking if you haven’t already, and giving your skin the chance to completely expel all toxins that cause yellowing and wrinkles. And it means establishing and sticking to a sleep routine that gives your skin plenty of time to perform its metabolic functions. Your sleep truly is for your beauty. At our shop, many of our clients come to us with skin issues that rise from stress and emotional issues. Examine your inner state. Are you taking time to love yourself, express yourself and champion yourself? No one can sell you these habits. They are your choice each and every day. But everything you need to support your own efforts can be found in our Shop.

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