The Seed of the Roses: Rose Hips

Rosehip watercolor by Molly Watman

In the fall, all of the roses that were not picked from their stems become a small fruit that becomes the seed for the next generation of roses. The cold-pressed oil extracted from these seeds has brilliant anti-aging properties and acts as a powerful antioxidant due to its high concentration of vitamin C. This gorgeous oil has been shown to strengthen cellular membranes and regenerate skin tissue – especially in the sensitive area around the eyes – while fading minor scars, burns and stretch marks.

  • Fats: High in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids
  • Antioxidants: High in beta-carotene and natural vitamin C
  • Improves the skin’s overall appearance, but especially in regards to stretch marks, scars, wrinkles and dry patches

We source and bottle a lovely and pure Organic Rosehip Seed Oil. Its deep amber color is a sign of freshness and potency.

Transformational Use of Rosehip (Seed)

FACE If you have big changes to be made in your skin (congestion and sensitivity), replace your evening cleansing with Rosehip (Seed) Oil for about 3 (no more more than 6) weeks before returning to your usual cleansing regimen. (Do not oil cleanse more than once in any 24 hour period and do not use any highly antioxidant oil exclusively for more than 3 months before switching to something more balanced) In addition, Seeds of Change (our renewal oil) is an even more targeted way to improve the skin’s appearance, focusing on clearing out old scars and the early signs of environmental damage.

BODY Rub a small amount of undiluted rosehip seed oil over stretch marks and dark spots once or twice a day and massage in with fingertips or a crystal massager.

Functional Use of Rosehip (Seed)

FACE to help your skin Maintain Radiance (at every age) we recommend using a high antioxidant oil (such as rose hip or Seeds of Change) once a week with a specialized massage. (Book an appointment for an Integrative Therapy to Maintain Radiance at Every Age to get the tool and learn what is appropriate for you). For best results, remove it with a steamy towel and go to bed without moisturizing.

BODY After dry skin body brushing (recommended once or twice a week), apply generous amounts of Rosehip (Seed) Oil (or half Rosehip/ half Massage In a Bottle) to the areas you wish to address (stretch marks, dark spots, etc). Get into a steamy shower and massage around. Use a textured cloth to remove in the shower before you get out. No need to moisturize after!

Please Note: We don’t recommend using Rosehip Seed (or any other oil for that matter) on its own like it is a moisturizer. Instead, use Nourish & Replenish Oil and one of our Mineral Mists (we call this a Moisture Duo) if you want an oil-based moisturizer with no artificial chemicals or preservatives. Also, sensitive skin does well using Rosehip (Seed) Oil off and on for oil cleansing. If it seems to be becoming too much, TAKE A BREAK! You can come back again next season.

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