The Healing Power of the Rose


Mmmmmmm…breath it in…that intoxicating scent of roses. Receiving an aromatic bundle of them is a classic romantic gift for a good reason. But roses are so much more than a symbolic gesture. They happen to be an incredibly rich source of resources for your skin!

Roses contain a complex array of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and are particularly beneficial to people with sensitive skin. Rose extracts possess excellent emollient properties for moisturizing dry skin. They also offer antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acneic skin, as well as soothing properties that reduce redness and inflammation. Rose oil can also help refine skin texture, improving skin conditions (psoriasis and atopic dermatitis). Not surprisingly, studies have shown that the scent of roses can help heal wounds, as inhaling it inhibits water loss in the skin and lowers the concentration of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body. (Study can be found here.)

Here are the ways to use roses on yourself!

Rose Hydrosol
Rose hydrosol (also known as rosewater, rose floral water, or rose distillate) is derived from an intricate process. Small batches of rose buds are steamed in copper distilleries and ultimately release a volatile therapeutic compound into the water. The essential oil is drawn off, and rose water – containing molecules of essential oil and constituents from the flower – is captured drop by drop. With antibacterial properties, this hydrosol helps to maintain the skins natural ph. balance, which can guard against various skin issues like eczema. Rose hydrosol is also extremely hydrating so it works great combined with a light dry oil (like Nourish & Replenish) as a moisturizer. We make an extra special blend of organic rose hydrosol and neroli hydrosol (orange blossom) called Sense & Sensitivity Mineral Mist. Use it to tone and moisturize!

Rosehip Seed Oil
Rosehips are the small seeds that remain after the bloom of the rose has come and gone. The oil extracted from these seeds has brilliant anti-aging properties and acts as a powerful antioxidant due to its high concentration of vitamin C. Scientists (study can be found here) extoll the benefits of the essential fatty acids in rosehip seed oil, which strengthen cellular membranes and regenerate skin tissue – especially in the sensitive area around the eyes – while fading minor scars, burns and stretch marks. Apply it liberally to quench dry, sun damaged skin and help to improve any imperfections. We source and bottle a lovely and pure Organic Rosehip Seed Oil. Its deep amber color is a sign of freshness and potency.

Rose Cream
Hydration is the number one benefit of rose-based cream. The natural sugars contained in rose petals soothe, soften and moisturize the skin. This type of moisture is deep and abiding – it is best applied at night to reconstruct damaged cell structure during sleep. Rose is wonderfully protective in the winter months, particularly in a cream form. Our Edith Rose Cream is highly recommended for dry, chapped winter skin!

Finally, the physical benefits of rose can not be separated from the emotional. Rose is recommended for people who have experienced loss in their lives and or who suffer from digestive complaints that are often associated with grief. Simply the scent of rose sets in motion an all-encompassing intercellular and sensory healing process that no one has quite figured out yet. But the experience is all the proof we need that love is like a red, red rose.

By Molly Watman

{Image by Yulia Nazarova}