Is the Damage Done?

Enlarged pores, hyper-pigmentation (and other dark spots), uneven texture, and hardened bumps under the skin where pimples once stood their ground: we tend to think of tertiary conditions (the signs of damage left on the skin after the immune system has had its way with them and figured its job was done) as being permanent reminders of our past sins. Are they really there forever or is there a way to convince the body to take another look at those marks-either reducing them or perhaps erasing all signs that they were ever there?

Conventional approaches may try to fade them by bleaching, or exfoliate them away and hope that the skin grows back without them, but you may have noticed that those methods don’t really work very well. Our time-proven method of renewal, developed by Emma in 2008, has proven to be safe and effective for authentic skin renewal that enhances your skin’s natural beauty, diminishing the appearance of those residual conditions as you allow your skin the agency to flourish.

For when you can’t get in to see your Holistic Skin Care Specialist to get your Functional Facial (Level II or III will address this concern) or for an Integrated Therapy for Reducing the Appearance of Old Scars, we offer the Vita -C 10 Day Wild Berry Treatment.

About Vita-C Wild 10 Day Wild Berry Treatment

Fall is a great time to start the process of erasing the signs of summer’s skin damage and renew your skin with Vita-C 10 Day Wild Berry Treatment. This at-home nightly (for up to 10 days) product harnesses the power of end-of-season berries for their anti-oxidants, alpha-hydroxy acids, and polyphenols to clear out stagnation, remove dead skin cells, and promote a renewal response in the skin.

Why Is There a Time Limit?

The purpose of the Vita-C treatment is to carefully bring your skin to the “breaking point” of where it is just peeling and then stop and let your skin recover. We want to make the skin slightly nervous/slightly excited. Allowing the recovery period is VERY IMPORTANT. For best results, avoid trying to “control” your skin during this time (including OTC antibiotic ointments or steroid/cortisone creams). You also want to make sure to EAT WELL, hydrate with ample Inner Strength Tea, and be respectful of the sun.

This progressive “peel” has the unique ability to bring a high concentration of both water and oil soluble vitamin C to the skin, clearing deep stagnation and enticing the skin to rev up its renewal process by the hormetic stressor of theAntioxidant Response Element (ARE). At the same time the AHA (small molecule alpha-hydroxy acid) action of wild blueberry, cranberry and red raspberry extracts create a synergetic bond with their own polyphenols that remind the skin how to fight off the assault your skin encounters on a daily basis while protecting it from free radical damage. The soothing organic aloe vera juice buffers this activity so that it provides just enough—but not too much.

There is a school of thought that says in order for Vitamin C to “work” you need to be “consistent”– as in, using the product every day without an end in sight. This is the result of a “we must control our body and do things for it” point of view and we don’t ascribe to that method of thought. Too much is too much and does not give the skin time to respond and rebuild itself. When you expose the body to more stress than it can handle, it can create a need to defend itself—which will deplete its building blocks. It won’t get the “messages” to rebuild with integrity, so instead it will need to do a rush job with poor materials.

How Do I Do It?

One jar of Vita-C is about 3 months supply (up to 10 days each month) and the ingredients are at least 70% organic/100% vegan. Please use clean utensils to dip into the jar in order to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. Watch for signs of light peeling and stop at any indication of distress. We want to make the skin slightly nervous only. Don’t over-do it or else you will make your skin scared.  This cycle of peel/recovery may be repeated up to 6 times in a year if your particular skin warrants it.


  1. Use AT NIGHT on clean skin

  2. Oil Cleanse with No Evil and remove with a steamy hot towel.

  3. Mist face with one of our Mineral Mists: Integrity Mineral Mist is a great choice.

  4. Apply a thin layer over the entire face, avoiding the sensitive eye area (be sure to include your brow line, behind the ears, & down the neck)

  5. Avoid any skin that is currently sunburned or inflamed for any reason.

  6. Either rinse and remove with a washcloth after 5 to 10 minutes (for sensitive skin) or leave overnight (for more resilient skin)

  7. In the morning, bathe and rinse your face in warm water for 1-2 minutes and moisturize with your Moisture Duo (Nourish & Replenish + your Mineral Mist)

  8. Use each night until gentle peeling occurs (5-10 day depending on the condition of your skin). Even if you do not experience peeling, discontinue use after 10 days.

  9. Allow at least  3 weeks for your skin to recover and rebuild before repeating

  10. For transitional use, repeat above process for 3 consecutive months. After that, use for up to 10 days at the beginning of each season.

This product works with the body, helping it to do what it needs to do for itself, promoting resilience and helping it adapt to the world around it. This means it does different things for different people, though (when used appropriately), can benefit anyone. For most, one season of transformation + one round each season or a couple times a year is their perfect maintenance routine. For others, especially those with thick and rough skin, continuing this treatment monthly can yield further results in reducing fine-lines, scarring, sun damage, and dissolving hardened breakouts that remain under the skin.

Vita-C Wild Berry 10 Day Treatment Overview

Vita-C can be useful for all types of skin (large or small pores, dark to light skin tones, any age range) and works best on skin that is not on suppressive therapies and is functioning optimally. Using Vita-C along with a daily low-dose Vitamin C serum (which we don’t make because we do not think it is a wise idea) will greatly reduce its effectiveness and you may see no results and become sensitized. If you are currently on a daily Vitamin C serum, we recommend that you go off of it for at least one month before starting your 10 days with Vita-C.

When using Vita-C Wild Berry 10-Day Treatment to improve the overall brightness of healthy skin, apply a layer over cleansed skin before bed for up to 10 consecutive nights. Continue in the morning with your usual regimen. The important thing to remember is that this product promotes a response in the skin that gets better in the duration between application, so it is very important to allow at least 3 weeks of revitalization (NOT using the product) for every 10 days of activity (using the product).

To focus on dark spots, simply apply a thick layer over cleansed skin every day for up to 10 days. It is in the weeks following the treatment that the results become more visible. Be sure to take that time to heal (at least 3 weeks is recommended) in order to achieve the best results.

Individuals with sensitive or reactive skin can obtain similarly good results in one of the following ways:

1 – Remove after 10 minutes.  Rinse with water and follow with Sense & Sensitivity Mineral Mist

2 – Apply every other night for the full 10 days

3 – Apply every night until you see signs of irritation and then discontinue for at least 3 weeks.

For hardened, not-so-sensitive skin, Vita-C Wild Berry 10 Day Treatment makes a wonderful overnight mask. Put it on as thin or thick as you can handle and remove in the morning. As noted above: healthy, non-reactive skin does not need to remove the mask before bed.  Sensitive skin may experience irritation with this method, though may still see benefits if it is not over-done or done too often.

In order to continue enjoying the benefits of Vita-C Wild Berry 10 Day Treatment, be sure to always take care to avoid exposing your skin to environmental aggressors such as smoke and UVA rays. Wear a hat when outdoors. While you are in an active phase, be sure to drink plenty of clean water and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. During the revitalization phase, it is wise to consume more vital and re-building foods such as proteins, healthy fats, and cooked vegetables.

Ingredient List

Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Rosehip Seed Oil, Vegan Emulsifying Wax, Vitamin C Ester, Organic Cranberry Extract, Organic Red Raspberry Extract, Organic Wild Blueberry Extract, Vitamin E, Phenoxyethanol, Ascorbic Acid , Mannan, Black Willowbark Extract, Rosemary Oleoresin, Neem Oil, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid

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