Acne: Holistic Self-Care and Support

"I've had acne most of my life (I'm 25) and I was on the pill on-and-off in order to control it. It worked wonders, but I am in the process of detoxing my body and taking a more natural approach to treat and nourish my body. I just got off the pill and started taking some herbal supplements to detox my liver but I still have yet to find a great skin care line that can help my skin. Unfortunately, I live far away and can't go to NY any time soon! What products do you recommend?"
Question from a Client
{August 13, 2013}

When moving from a suppressive to a supportive skin care method, it is important to recognize that when you use something that is controlling (pill or topical) and then you suddenly stop using it, things will go “out of control.” That which was being suppressed will no longer be suppressed, will almost certainly come back to haunt you, and stress bumps resulting from the current situation will no longer be controlled! The herbal supplements that you have started, along with a change in diet, may even result in additional stress bumps.

But not to worry!  There is hope for you yet. If you are using a controlling topical product, taper off from it slowly (using it once or twice a week) while adding in our more nourishing and re-building products in between.

LOMAH Double Cleansing Lotion is a great cleanser (use at night and remove with a steamy washcloth as if you were oil cleansing. In the morning, after you wash with water, it can double as a transitional moisturizer. To help any areas with old scars or open skin heal faster, apply Cow Fart Juice directly to spots after moisturizing. If you tend towards itchiness and inflammation, pump 2-4 mists of one of our Mineral Mists directly into the LOMAH before applying.

Use NO EVIL as an oil cleanser to prevent build-up inside your pores. If you get tight, little bumps that squeeze out like a tube of toothpaste (not that we recommend squeezing them yourself), steam with our Herbal Steamer, after applying NO EVIL first, once a week and massage those areas well.  Be sure to always remove NO EVIL with a warm, wet washcloth.  We call these bumps “the Ghosts of Pimples Past,” and it takes 1 month for each year of suppression for those bumps to release and resolve. That means that if you have been suppressing for 8 years, these can still appear 8 months from now, though considerably less.

Once a week, apply the Clear Complexion Clay as a mask (2 tsp clay mix + 3 tsp water) over 10-12 drops of NO EVIL. Remove with a warm, wet, washcloth.

You will want to move towards using our Moisture Duo (Nourish and Replenish Oil + One of our Mineral Mists) in a few months in order to continue in the right direction and increase your skin’s health.

At the same time, check out our Diet for Incredibly Good Skin. One of the most important things that you can do while you release suppression is to build up your health. A “cleansing detox” diet may not be what you need right now! You can also book a remote consultation with one of our holistic Skincare Specialists who can go though every detail of your diet, lifestyle and skin care regimen and assist with your transition.

Congratulations on taking these first step towards taking care of yourself in the best way possible. Thank you for making us a part of your journey.

I hope this helps!


– Emma

If you are also experiencing continuous breakout in any area of your face, but want to move to supportive (holistic herbal) skincare from a more suppressive therapy, start here:

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Clear Complexion Mineral Mist
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