Into the Mineral Mist

Sense and Sensitivity Mist

Sometimes good things get better with development. Like iPhones. Or Brooklyn. Or our bodies post-giving-birth. (The secret is breast-feeding, lots.) We have started to think more and more about how amazing our skin is, especially in terms of “transdermal absorption” – the ability to internalize that which is external, simply through contact. If contact is with something scary, like petroleum or aluminum-based deodorant, that stuff ends up in your bloodstream and is measurable in your waste. Nast. But what about things that we need to live that we may not get enough of through our diet?

If you lived before the era of bottled and filtered water, you got plenty of minerals from the creek that you drank from. But now it’s actually an effort to maintain ideal levels of calcium, magnesium and potassium. Why do we need those? Well, in short, they strengthen our bones, teeth, hair and nails, provide energy the body’s cells and keep the brain and nervous system functioning optimally. And how do you know if you’re deficient? Well, you can see a doctor, or be honest about your lifestyle…Fast food, sweets, soda, caffeine and refined foods can all lead to mineral deficiency. And if you never indulge in any of those, you can still be deficient due to physical, mental and emotional stress. So just about everyone is a candidate.

For millennium, minerals have traditionally been prized for their healing effect on a wide range of diseases as well as ability to rejuvenate the aging body. Ancient treatments involved a variety of transdermal therapies ranging from mineral baths, to herbal compresses, to mud packs, to steam and sweat lodges. If you don’t have a sweat lodge in your apartment, you could try simply misting yourself with minerals.

Here’s what we got:

  1. Sense & Sensitivity Mineral Mist :  Rose & Orange Blossom with Essential Minerals
    Characteristics: Calming, Cooling, Hydrating
    Traditional Uses: Irritation & Redness, Flushed Skin, Spirituality (Heart-Opening), Uneven Skintone, Distended Capillaries 
  2. Pore Refining Mineral Mist :  Lemon Balm & Lemon Verbena with Essential Minerals
    Characteristics: Gladdening, Brightening, Lifting, Rejuvenating
    Traditional Uses: Enlarged Pores, Dull Skin, Wrinkles, Sags & Bags, Spirituality (Spirit-Lifting)
  3. Clear Complexion Mineral Mist :  Foeniculum & Lavander with Essential Minerals
    Characteristics: Balancing, Drawing, Clarifying
    Traditional Uses: Oil bumps, Papules, Pustules, Peri-oral Dermatitis, Little Red Forehead Bumps, Spirituality (finding internal power)
  4. Holy Cow Mineral Mist :  Holy Basil {Ocimum tenuiflorum} with Essential Minerals
    CharacteristicsHealing, Peaceful, Warming
    Traditional UsesScarred Skin, Wound Healing, Clamminess, Blackheads and Milia, Spirituality (knowing your place in the world)
  5. Essential Mineral Mist :  Pure Distilled Water with Essential Minerals
    CharacteristicsEnergizing & Hydrating
    Traditional UsesStrengthen bones, teeth, hair and nails, Energizes Cells, Brain and Nervous System Function, General Refreshment & Spirituality Uses

Try them all or just the one for you. How to use? Spray a few mists of a mineral mist before applying your Nourish and Replenish Oil (and perhaps a few more as you massage it in!) These delicate sprays pack a potent amount of essence which help to renew the YOU who YOU are on a number of levels.

by Molly Watman


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