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Remember when chin length bangs were a method of hiding blemishes while walking to math class down a very harsh high school hallway? Maybe you are still looking for a way to deal with those hormonal blemishes that belong back in time, but are still with you. What to do with your breakout-prone yet delicate skin? Drugstore acid will dry you out way too much, hurting the good skin in the process. But there’s this oil factor that simply won’t go away. For this specific problem, God made LOMAH Land of Milk and Honey Double-Cleansing Lotion..and Moisturizer.
We agonize about this because people want steps with their skincare products. Familiar steps which they’ve been told over and over again not to skip. First cleanse, then tone, then moisturize. But what if the natural ingredients work well to both cleanse – milk beautifully dissolves excess oil without drying the skin – and moisturize – because honey is one of THE BEST moisturizers on planet earth. Plus it’s wonderfully anti-bacterial and helps repair the skin’s acid mantle when it’s damaged. If it weren’t so sticky, it would be perfect alone. Might make a mess of your pillow cases though. And toning is a total load of *beep*. Why would you ever want to douse your skin with toner – mostly alcohol mind you – to get a temporary tightness, ending in dull skin? We vastly prefer misting with lovely botanical waters.

So for your sensitive breakout skin, we have a method:

  1. Cleanse with LOMAH and Moisturize too. Mist mist mist with Sense & Sensitivity Hydrosol.  It helps keep breakouts from happening in the first place. 
  2. If you feel a breakout coming, moisturize with a little Cow Fart Juice mixed with Sense & Sensitivity. This naturally anti-bacterial/anti-fungal oil along with Rose & Orange Blossom water are a perfect match for breakout-prone plus sensitive skin. 
  3. If breakouts occur, which will happen less and less as you use LOMAH, use Clear Complexion Clay, not as an all over masque – that could be too hard on your skin, but as a spot treatment. Mix a little clay with Cow Fart Juice and apply to blemishes to draw them out and promote healing over night.

Try it out. 

by Molly Watman


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