Immature Skin: Breakouts & Sensitive Skin


Immature Skin: Breakouts & Sensitive Skin

Remember when chin length bangs were a method of hiding blemishes while walking to math class down a very harsh high school hallway? No longer necessary. Welcome to the promised land. What can be done for teenagers as well as those with “immature” skin who want simple, easy and “normal?” afraid of mixing or making a mess) while avoiding suppression and controlling therapies?

LOMAH. The Land of Milk and Honey Double Cleansing Lotion.


The Method:

  1. Pre-cleanse or take off make-up with NO EVIL. (Not always necessary)
  2. Double Cleanse with LOMAH.  Apply 1-2 pumps of LOMAH onto the fingertips and massage over skin. Remove with a warm, damp, textured washcloth.
  3. Moisturize with LOMAH. If there are any signs or irritation, inflammation or histamine reaction, Mist 5 sprays of the appropriate Mineral Mist first, or directly into the lotion before applying.
  4. Spot treat any open wounds or scabs with Cow Fart Juice.
  5. Use  Clear Complexion Clay, as a mask at least once a week.

Wet to make it even simpler? 

  1. Apply LOMAH over dry skin. Massage into problem areas. Hold warm, wet washcloth over face for a moment before removing completely in long, sweeping motions.
  2. Apply LOMAH as a moisturizer.

Yes, we have given this to countless teenage boys with amazing results. Though, it works best with a nourishing diet and getting enough sleep. See Diet for Incredibly Good Skin.

If you are currently using a suppressive skincare regimen, slowly release the suppression by using LOMAH in place of the cleanser or moisturizer 3 times a week for the first month and slowly bringing it in for every use.  READ: Do You Suppress or Support Your Skin?


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