Anti-Anti-Bacterial Antics

“Kills 99% of Bacteria.” Sound good? We’ve become thoroughly convinced that we need to kill the wicked bacteria, primarily by washing with hand soap loaded up with triclosan, a pesticide that has become ubiquitous in our homes, bodies, and environment. In tests on humans, it shows up in urine, blood, even breast milk. Gross. A survey by the U.S. CDC found the chemical present in the urine of 75 percent of Americans over the age of 5. It’s the active ingredient in most commercial handsoaps which claim to be “anti-bacterial.” As triclosan is increasingly scrutinized in scientific studies*, the results are foreboding. Here’s an overview of the toxicity issues surrounding this chemical:

1. Impaired cardiac and skeletal muscle contraction in animal studies.

2. Endocrine disruption in animal studies (same issues as BPA plastics) meaning it mimics hormones when in our bodies.

3. Concerns of creating bacterial resistance leading to Super Bacteria that will eventually kill us all.

4. Mixing with tap water produces chloroform, a known carcinogen. Guess you should hold your breath while washing your hands.

5. Exposure to sunlight causes the formation of toxic dioxins. Research “dioxins” if you want to stay up at night worrying about the future.

6. Extremely persistent and highly destructive in the marine environment, which is where triclosan ends up when we use it in soap.

7. Possibility of increased allergies & decreased immune health because we need some exposure to bacterial to keep our immune systems functioning correctly.

The Europeans have regulated and restricted triclosan in household goods for the past 10 years, but the FDA is lagging behind the research in issuing guidelines for use of triclosan in consumer products. The fact is, slapping on a label that claims to kill 99% of germs will help sell an industrial chemical hand soap and make Big Business a lot of money. Call me jaded, but SLS with a shot of triclosan is pretty much what you see on drugstore shelves today.

Wash Your Hands

In our daily lives, we need to wash our hands, not scrub in for surgery. Why use a chainsaw to slice your (sourdough…yum) pancakes? Simple soap and water, done properly–especially with a good scrub brush–is more than sufficient to kill malicious microorganisms that we are exposed to regularly.

We make a simple olive castile soap that gently cleanses without stripping all the natural moisture from your hands. We utilize the strong anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-germ properties, of the essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, basil and lavender in our Clean And Green Hand Soap because these plants and herbs have been utilized throughout history with proven efficacy. The self-foaming bottle means we don’t need sulfates or other artificial chemicals for suds so it doesn’t kill the marine life when it ends up in the earth’s water system. It’s a win-win.

We keep Clean & Green Hand Soap by our sinks to use on ourselves and our kids for the health of our families as well as the health of the planet. Available in On the Go (2oz) and Wash Your Hands (6oz) as well as a concentrate in a larger refill bottle.

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