For the First Timer


Ready to take the leap?

Choose your beauty rituals to improve how the skin is functioning.

Our unique methods support the body’s innate ability to function beautifully by offering up important elements of the skin’s basic needs topically.

While most skincare lines categorize by skin type, we take a different approach and categorize by function (or, more importantly, dysfunction!). Is the skin getting all of it’s needs met in order to be healthy and functioning well, or is it lacking key components of necessary care? When it is not performing all of it’s functions well, we look at the symptoms in order to determine which of our Supportive Skincare Pathways will be the most direct route to meeting those needs and providing beautiful results.

All of the products in our Between You & The Moon Functional Skincare line are free from artificial chemicals and preservatives. They are formulated to synergistically work with each other to help your skin meet all of its topical needs and promote healthy, functional, beautiful skin.

Our Functional Holistic Skin Care Oils:

  • Nourish & Replenish: Formulated to provide balanced daily nourishment for all skin types.
  • NO EVIL: Sensitive skin and areas such as Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Lips – Daily cleanser/removes make-up
  • Seeds of Change: Environmentally damaged areas (used periodically for best results)
  • Cow Fart Juice: Breakout, infection and wound areas. May be used as a spot treatment after the Moisture Duo.

Our Mineral Mists:

In the morning, make your customized moisturizer with our nourishing Moisture Duo. Unless you are super-sensitive, you will want to use Nourish & Replenish oil (start with 3 drops) and spray 5-6 pumps of your Mineral Mist Directly into the oil. Follow the chart below for a great morning massage:


If you feel like you need more product, repeat the process with the same number of drops and sprays. Watch the Moisture Duo video below

  • Nourish & Replenish Oil + Pore Refining Mineral Mist
  • Nourish & Replenish Oil or NO EVIL + Sense & Sensitivity Mineral Mist
  • Nourish & Replenish Oil or Cow Fart Juice + Clear Complexion Mineral Mist
  • Nourish & Replenish Oil or Seeds of Change + Holy Cow Mineral Mist

If you are going out into inclement weather, apply 1-2 more drops of oil overtop of your Moisture Duo.

If you’re unsure which is right for you, we also have a wonderful Holistic Samples Kit that can help you get going!


In the evening, ask yourself: How deeply do you want to cleanse today? Read: Double Cleansing.

  • NO EVIL is our recommended choice for oil cleansing, though Cow Fart Juice can be used for breakout, infection and wounded skin and Seeds of Change is recommended periodically for it’s anti-oxidant response in environmentally damaged skin.
  • Sow Your Wild Oats + one of our Supportive Skincare Oils for additional cleansing as well as exfoliation (Our Cleansing Duo)
  • Steam Cleansing with our Herbal Steamer is especially useful in cases of both Oil & Water and BIOME dysfunctions.

Follow your cleansing with your Moisture Duo most nights before bed, but take one night off per week (more in the summer) of the Moisture Duo for a re-set.

What else do you want to work on this week?


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