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Ready to take the LEAP into Holistic Skincare? Here’s the best way to start!

If you look inside your medicine cabinet, I wager you will find many skincare products, some which you currently use and others that have been there since the mid 90s. Just for fun, try to read the labels on your products. CetylAlcohol-what? SodiumLauryl-who? Typically the only recognizable ingredient is water, which then calls for lots of chemical preservatives. Checkout more here for details about skincare toxins or consult the Environmental Working Group site. Now is a great time for a new regimen, a healthier and more holistic one at that. But where to start? Here’s our advice for first time product users:

We make lots of beautiful and healthful treats for your skin, but they all rest on the strong shoulders of our three foundational elements: an organic grain cleanser, Sow Your Wild Oats, and a delicate balancing facial massage oil, Nourish and Replenish mixed with a Mineral Mist. This holy trinity works in tandem to bring your skin back from years of chemical slathering to its healthiest state.

The cleanser does a few things. First, it’s chuck full of gluten-free, organic OATS. Read in depth about oaty goodness here. It’s protective and restorative while still an effective exfoliant and cleanser. There’s not only an absence of bad stuff, it’s full of beneficial herbs that work well with all skin types. The majority of commercial facial cleansers will strip your skin of moisture and upset the skin’s pH balance, called the acid mantle since it’s slightly acidic. You need your acid mantle in good shape in order to protect your skin from drying out, from wrinkles and aging, from the wind and elements, from bacteria and fungal infections, and from breakouts! Alkaline soaps and cleansers that contain alcohol majorly compromise  your facial skin. Oats, grains, and herbs cleanse and protect, but washing your face with water is going to deplete some of your natural oils so you need to follow any washing with oil replenishment. {Remember, especially in the winter, to use luke warm water instead of hot as its much easier on your skin.} Oh, and why is it a powder? Because when you add the water yourself, it needs no preservatives! Genius!

How to Use: Moisten your face, then mix a quarter size amount of grain cleansing powder with a few drops of water in your palm. Apply to your skin in gentle upward strokes. Massage gently into nasal area and hairline, then rinse with a warm cloth.

It’s important to follow the cleansing with the OIL that is emulsified with the Mineral Mist of your choosing. (Learn more about choosing your Mist here.) You may think to yourself, “Oh not for me, I’ve got oily skin and don’t feel like breaking out.” I’m not asking you to blot a slice of pizza on your cheek. This oil is unlike other kinds of oil. Read up on the wonders of Olive Squalane here. This oil tells your oil glands, “Hello, all full here, no need to over produce.” It does not clog pores. It balances your skin beautifully and moisturizes to the level that your skin needs at that moment. It’s full of known skin champions like Golden Jojoba {in depth here}, Rosehip Seed and Neem Oils. The synergistic combination of Nourish & Replenish Oil and the Mineral Mist of your choice creates an instant and customized moisturizer without a need for any stabilizers or preservatives.  Together, these herbal goods support the skin’s natural processes by providing nourishment for healthy cell growth while strengthening structural integrity.

How to Use: After cleansing, lightly mist your clean face. Use the dropper to place 4-6 drops of N&R Oil into the palm of your hand. Spray 4-6 pumps of Mineral Mist directly into the oil. Rub your palms together and massage into your face, neck, & behind your ears for 1-2 minutes.

REALLY give yourself a facial massage, either freestyle with upward, gentle strokes, or use our handy chart here. This step sounds skipable, but it’s actually key. Conventional face creams typically contain chemical penetrators (yikes!) in order to get into your skin. As you might suspect, we think those are as terrifying as they sound. So you need to be your own …er…penetrator. After you finish massaging your face, you can either let the extra oil absorb or pat your skin dry with a soft cloth. I like to apply any excess oil to my neck and collarbones, and my ears too. The scent is lovely, as are the results. Dry skin needs more pumps of your Mist, not more Oil. For best results and optimal balance, enjoy this ritual each morning and night.

Get your HOLY TRINITY of HOLISTIC SKINCARE here. We hope you use them with the same delight we experience in making them! We are available for consultations for specific issues, both in person and remote!



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