Goodbye Sugar, Hello Beautiful Skin

I am currently recovering from a holiday season overloaded with über-sugary desserts I never would have sought out, but felt compelled to eat while playing late night rounds of family Balderdash. Chocolates, mom’s famous caramels, cookies, cakes, pies..the list goes on. It’s widely known that excessive sugar is causing a national health disaster (diabetes..obesity..etc). But what about more causal consumption? Dessert here and there, soda, processed and starchy white (bread/pasta) foods because they are easy, how bad can it be? Try cutting all sugar for 1 week and evaluate the effect on your skin.

Truth be known, eating sugary and starchy foods shows up on the skin as a loss of radiance, dark circles under the eyes, the loss of tone, puffiness, an increase in fine lines and wrinkles, the loss of facial contours and increased pore size. Sugar commonly exacerbates acne, as well as other irritated and inflammatory skin conditions. But why does something that tastes great and our bodies crave (Blue Marble Cookies n’ Cream? Yes please!) have such a detrimental effect? We simply aren’t built to process very much glucose at one time. Here’s what happens:

When your blood sugar spikes, rogue sugar molecules attach themselves to protein fibers – a damaging process called Glycation. The end products of Glycation (Advanced Glycation End) AGEs, wreak havoc on your skin in three ways.

1. They reduce the power of collagen to rebuild the skin’s structure. Hello wrinkles and goodbye elasticity.

2. They increase the rate at which collagen breaks down. Hello prematurely aging skin.

3. Glycation also robs the skin of its natural moisturizer, hyaluronic acid. Hello dry and sagging skin.

The more AGEs you develop, the more you age. By 35 or so, the effects of sugar damage are readily apparent. And it only accelerates with time. Sugar is on par with smoking, sun exposure and alcohol consumption in ruining your beautiful skin. Don’t let Glycation happen to you. Here are a few things you can do to recover from sugar.

1. Very dark high quality chocolate. Even a tiny piece of Cacao Prieto‘s finest Almond and Salt (72% cacao) will fulfill my walking-around-the-kitchen-opening-cupboards sugar craving. Plus dark chocolate’s got antioxidants and is scientifically  shown to contribute to a long healthy life.

2. No more “white” foods. Get the whole grain version. It tastes better anyhow.

3. Omega 3s! Eat 1/2 an avocado (hell eat a whole one) every day and forget about supplements which never work as well as real food.

4. You cut sugar and starch, you’re knee deep in salmon, but still need a boost? Use a skin product that helps replace the hyaluronic acid you are missing. Our MAGICK POTION LOTION is bursting with powerful active ingredients of hyaluronic acid, DMAE, vitamin A, B, C and E, CoQ10 and alpha lipoic acid while incorporating the use of multi-fruit acids and the “wonder-oil” that comes from the meadowfoam plant, all in a pure rosewater distillate base. Use daily to erase the damage that years of sugar has caused!

Here’s to a healthier new year!


(Image Source: WebMD’s Advice on how to defeat your Sugar Cravings)