What Is a Moisture Duo?

To truly moisturize (get skin to accept moisture), you need a product that bonds together both Oil & Water. There is a reason why people started (ages ago) to use creams and lotions instead of simply putting on oils. The product needs to have water to provide actual hydration while pulling the water-soluble nutrients (if present in the mix) into the cells. The oil portion introduces oil soluble essences to the lipophilic cells as it holds the water in. Preferably, they need to be bonded (emulsified) otherwise, the product doesn’t penetrate the surface very well.

In effect: The water increases the penetrability of the oil (preventing it from staying on the surface) while the oil prevents trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) and sends a message to your cells that there is no need to over-produce oil. The bond that forms between the oil molecules and water molecules allows the micro-nutrition from the plants to be more acceptable to both the lipophilic (oil-loving) and hydrophilic (water-loving) cells.
Conventional moisturizers (creams and lotions) are complex emulsions. They need emulsifiers, binders, stabilizers and preservatives to get together, stay together, and not “go bad.”  Between You & The Moon came up with the idea of spraying a Mineral Mist directly into our Nourish & Replenish Oil in 2006, with the intention of creating a fully functioning moisturizer that can be used daily to promote healthy, functioning skin for the long term without the use of any artificial chemicals such as emulsifiers or preservatives. We call this a Moisture Duo.

Why Use Our Moisture Duo

This synergistic combination of Nourish & Replenish Oil and the Mineral Mist of your choice creates an instant and customized moisturizer without a need for any emulsifiers, stabilizers, or preservatives. Together, they support the skin’s natural processes by providing nourishment for healthy cell growth while strengthening structural integrity. Keeping the oil portion and the water portion separate until the moment you use them means that none of those additives are needed.

When you emulsify one of our Supportive Skin Care Oils with one of our Mineral Mists, the benefits are threefold:

1.  Every ingredient is supportive and has a specific purpose = less product and use of precious resources, less waste, less chance of sensitivities (which, many times, are reactions to the more artificial ingredients or additives).

2.  It is fully customizable in both the oil and water phase of the process. You are able to create a precise and made-for-you moisturizer on the spot depending on which Functional Skin Care Oil and which Mineral Mist you use.

3.  You are able to control the level of penetration that you wish to accomplish with the duo.  For example, a lotion is an oil/water emulsion with a higher percentage of WATER which penetrates deeply into the skin quenching dehydrated skin.  And a cream is an oil/water emulsion with a higher percentage of OIL in the mix than a lotion. The cream functions more as protective/occlusive layer. Changing the proportion of oil to water (more drops oil or more sprays mist) allows you to make your emulsion more “cream like” or more “lotion like” depending on the current needs.

When to Use Our Moisture Duo 

  • Especially useful in the morning but can be used both AM and PM
  • Great for use on dry nights. We also recommend taking a break by not moisturizing 1-3 evenings a week to allow the skin to reset itself and not become dependent on using a moisturizer.

How to Use Our Moisture Duo 


  • Apply 3 drops of a Nourish & Replenish Oil into your cupped hand.
  • Mist 5 sprays of a Between You & The Moon Mineral Mist directly into the oil, watching it turn white (emulsifying before your eyes)
  • Rub palms together and massage into face, with upward, gentle strokes–remembering the neck, collarbones, and ears. Go gentle around the eyes and don’t forget the lips! Massaging assists the skin in accepting both the hyrdophilic and lipophilic phyto-nutrition from the herbal infusions. (Here’s a link to a great massage)
  • If you feel like you need more product, either double the amounts, keeping the same ratios or simply repeat this process. Usually you will only need to do this if you are experiencing a sudden bout of dehydration (such as after a long flight or during illness) or when first switching to our methods of Skin Care from one that is more controlling.

How Many Drops? How Many Mists?

Based on the principles of Functional Herbalism, we are not making an attempt to control the skin with the products we are applying, but reassuring it that it has what it needs to function well, while meeting some of those needs topically so that it will continually improve its ability to function. You may attempt this process with other products (probably with some success) but you will not get the same results.

  • Functional Skin: Skin that has an appropriate moisture balance does well with 3 Drops of OIL + 5 SPRAYS of mist, though there are factors that many change this in the short term, such as weather conditions and other changes in the environment. Beginners may need to repeat this twice each time they moisturize for the first 3-4 weeks.
  • Dehydrated (Dry) Skin needs more MIST—Hydration!  Use 3-5 drops oil + 6-10 mists. Double the amount of mist to oil for a few days before returning to normal. Chronically dehydrated skin needs to use more mist for longer periods of time as they address what may be creating the dysfunction.
  • Over-Active Oil Glands (not to be confused with the body using the skin as an organ of elimination) does well with using a closer portions of oil to water (4+6 is efficient) in the morning for a few weeks. This is especially useful if you feel oily mid-afternoon. Also, you may find that with a transition to the moist air of spring or summer, that you need to up the oil proportion. THEN GO BACK TO 3 + 5!

When heading into cold, harsh conditions, the skin may need added protection. Use your normal Moisture Duo and then apply 2-3 more drops of No Evil on the affected areas before continuing with your morning routine.

More to Think About

Oil without water can do structural damage to the cells in the long run.

Too much oil in the Moisture Duo (usually as an attempt to “balance”) can cause the skin to stop producing enough of its own oil (which it special designs for you because it LOVES you) and make the skin feel drying, leading to the you wanting to put more oil on to “control” it.

There is such things as too much hydration.

Too much moisture (water) allows bacteria and other malicious microorganisms to hang out on the surface inviting infection which then creates a proliferation of pus. Clients tend to blame this on over-active oil glands and decide to use less oil. Sigh.

Stagnation is what happens when oil is not being released from the oil gland, which, in turn leads to too much water on the surface of the skin. It is usually the result of oil cleansing too often (more than once ever 24 hours) or using an oil or balm on the skin without ample water for long periods of time. This problem seems to happen even more quickly when you are using a highly active single oil (rose hip, tamanu, argon, pomegranate, raspberry seed) or a strong blend of anti-oxidant oils for long periods of time. (Some skin can take it for 3 or 4 months, but most people need to stop and go back to something more nourishing after 3-6 weeks) To relieve this problem and get you back on track, make an appointment for an Integrative Therapy for Barrier Repair at Brooklyn Herborium.

Our Functional Skin Care Oils That Can Be Used as Part of the Moisture Duo


  • Nourish & Replenish: Just about anyone, anywhere and everywhere can use it.  A daily dose of what is good for you!
  • NO EVIL: Sensitive skin and areas such as Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Lips
  • Seeds of Change: Recommended for environmentally damaged areas
  • Cow Fart Juice: Breakout and wound areas

Our Mineral Mists That Can Be Used as Part of the Moisture Duo


  • Pore Refining: To support the hydration/lubrication function (great for dehydration or stagnation)
  • Sense & Sensitivity: To support cellular communication (great for reactive and red skin)
  • Clear Complexion: To support the elimination function (great for stress bumps and breakouts)
  • Integrity: To support the skin’s structural integrity (great for renewal)

You may mist your face a few times before or after your Moisture Duo (for enjoyment and aroma therapy purposes) or you may use the oils in a different manner (i.e. an oil cleanser that is removed or a 1-2 drops after moisturizer as a protector or spot treatment) but we do not recommend using either product solo in a effort to moisturize.