Jojoba is pronounced Ho-Ho-Ba

Spotlight on Jojoba Seed Oil

How can an OIL make your skin less OILY {or more OILY depending on your needs}? It seems counter-intuitive in the least, preposterous at best. This is not a recommendation to start rubbing slices of pizza on your face. Only very specific oils can act in this manner: the ones that have a chemical composition most like the natural lubricant that our skin produces, sebum. We talked about Olive Squalane, which is a wonderful moisturizer, since our sebum contains squalane. Sebum also contains wax esters which do all sorts of essential jobs, like maintaining the barrier to entry (our pores) against all sorts of nasty environmental pollution, microbes up to no good, etc. Our waxyness can get out of control and begin to over produce, leading to clogged pores, and ultimately, unsightly and painful blemishes. Conversely, we can lose some of our waxyness due to age, cold & dry temperatures, hormonal shifts, and acts of the gods.

The indigenous Amerinds living in what is now Sonora, Arizona, New Mexico and Baja California figured this all out centuries before the white man came and ruined everything. They used jojoba seeds and oil for cooking, hair care, and many medical treatments. Jojoba seeds (Simmondsia chinensis) come from small desert shrubs. Talk about sustainable…Jojoba plants have a natural life span of at least 100 years and perhaps over 200 years!

Here’s the nitty-gritty:

Jojoba seed oil is a golden liquid wax with a high percentage of ceramides, substances that cover the skin’s cells and are responsible for the regulation of their hydration. If the sebaceous glands are producing too much oil, applying jojoba to the skin can “trick” the glands into thinking they are producing enough oil, thus balancing oil production. If oil production is too low, applying jojoba can beautifully replace the skin’s natural oil, absorbing deeply and lasting longer than any kind of water-based moisturizer.

Since it contains Vitamin E (natural tocopherols) and has advanced molecular stability, it is highly resistant to oxidation. Properly packaged, the oil can be stored indefinitely without degrading. But what this means for our skin is it eliminates free radicals that cause us to “oxidize” or age. So in addition to providing a protective coating on the skin to keep bacteria and grime out and moisture in, it also helps to reduce and to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. And for all you Mamas out there, this oil keeps skin elastic in order to avoid stretch marks, especially if consistently used before they occur. Even after you have them, jojoba can reduce their size and appearance. Rich in minerals and proteins, Jojoba Oil nourishes the skin deeply, softens and protects it against any damage or external alteration.

Jojoba’s fabulous antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties makes it a truly effective treatment for acne, skin wounds and mild infections. It’s hypo-allergenic and will not cause reactions on the skin or clog pores, ever.

Now that’s one helluva seed.

Jojoba is a main ingredient in our NOURISH & REPLENISH and Ancient Secrets Body Scrub. No longer a secret, I guess.

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