What is The Brooklyn Herborium?

The Brooklyn Herborium is a collaborative effort of two Brooklyn Mamas. We want to make the world a better place for our children, a cleaner safer place, one where we don’t have to constantly stress about products and chemicals that we expose them to. We are in the midst of creating a line of cleaners for use around the home (or business, why have toxins there?) that are completely natural, safe, chemical-free, yet effective against dirt, grime, bacteria, etc. We were sick of going to the store and agonizing over the unpronounceable ingredients on every label. Soon you won’t have to do that either.

We will be opening a brick and mortar Brooklyn Herborium in South Brooklyn in the coming new year as well as retailing our goods online. We will have a classroom and herbal dispensary as well as facials etc., using our current product line, Between You and the Moon, which Emma has been making in her home since 2008. We can’t wait to get rolling in our new space and living our dreams!

With love,
Molly & Emma