What Makes Between You & The Moon Products and Services Effective?

Our Supportive Skincare Products & Herbal Goods Are Truly Good 

  • We choose herbs which support the skin in doing what it naturally needs to do in order to just be beautiful and healthy.  It’s amazing how much healthier the skin looks when you are not trying to fight against it!

  • All of the products in our Functional Skin Care Line and all of those used in our facial services are free from any type of artificial chemicals or preservatives.

  • Our products and methods were fine-tuned over years of helping clients on a monthly basis during our services and tweaking each formulation to get to where it is now.  We know how each ingredient affects the skin in REAL Life–not just by reading studies.  The science is there–but but wisdom involves knowing how to utilize the science!

How This Makes Us Different

Another herbal or natural product may look similar, but the formulators have chosen herbal elements with an allopathic intention to control the skin. They may be beautiful and organic, but they are still trying to STOP your body from doing what it naturally needs to do in order to function at it’s best.

Our Oils Are High Quality, Nourishing & Infused with Herbs

Nourish & Replenish, NO EVIL, Seeds of Change, and Cow Fart Juice
  • We use only extremely stable base oils that are complimentary to the skin’s natural sebum.  We infuse actual herbs directly into these oils.

  • We only use cold pressed seed oils as the nourishing elements (our grape seed oil smells like fine wine!) in highly methodical ratios (based on the Fibonacci Sequence) in order to enhance the quality and longevity of each individual oil.

  • When included, we use only very small amounts (less than 1/100th of a percent) of the most precious healing essential oils (not lavender or tea tree for the face, although we utilize them for other things!) in order to support your skin in healing itself.

How This Makes Us Different

There are many skin care oils available now (Yay! There were not when we started!). Unfortunately, many use cheaper nut oils that oxidize easily as their main base oils. This not only contributes to cellular degradation but requires that they use large amounts of essential oils (potentially irritating) as a preservative. 

Our Mists Have Minerals

Sense & Sensitivity, Integrity, Pore Refining and Clear Complexion Mineral Mists


  • We blend our herbal hydrosols in order to create a blend that will support specific skin situations in both herbal action and pH (each hydrosol has its own pH–did you know that the skin’s pH is more acidic than normal water?)  This also makes it shelf stable without any added preservatives.

  • Our mineralization process mimics rainwater that has been filtered though fresh mountain springs, picking up the necessary minerals that the body needs.

  • We have formulated our mineral mists to contain the amounts that our skin recognizes as a “friend” and allows in more completely (without fear of overdoing it) than a dietary supplement does.

  • It is important for the cells to have enough minerals in order for them to communicate properly, but it is these same minerals are what helps to make your NOURISH & REPLENISH + MINERAL MIST combo such a good feeling moisturizer.

  • The purpose of our mists is not necessarily a “toner” or to be used alone, but as an incredible delivery system for our oils.
What Are Hydrosols?

When water is distilled though plant matter it picks up the essences of those plants in the steam.  This is also why we highly recommend steaming with herbs.  The distillation process then condenses the water, leaving us with the water soluble properties extracted into the water (now known as a hydrosol) and the essential oils (really an alkaloid) floating on top.

How This Makes Us Different

There are many products available to spray on the skin that do not have any of the healing abilities that our Mineral Mists have. Some have things that we look at as destructive (Aloe and it’s hidden preservative, alcohol) counter-productive (witch hazel, glycerine) or deceptive (water with essential oils and polysorbate 20). The rest are usually hydrosols, which we love and use as the main base of our mineral mists–but we consider raw ingredients. What makes Mineral Mists unique to us is that ours use the actions of specific herbs blended together in order to address specific issues in a supportive way as well as re-mineralized with magnesium, calcium, and potassium (as well as 57 trace minerals) to improve the skin’s function.

Our Cleansing Methods Provide Immediate Satisfaction 

NO EVIL Oil Cleanser
  • NO EVIL feels like a slippery water going on and has no irritants, scent, or taste.  It can also be used as a skin protector for delicate mucus membranes such as the eyes, ears, nose, and lips in winter.  Because there is so few instances of irritation to NO EVIL, I will give it to people of even the most delicate and reactive skin.
  • NO EVIL does not strip the skin, nor does it change the pH or disturb the beneficial flora that resides there. Instead, it uses an important chemistry concept (Like dissolves like or Oil bonds to Oil) in order to gently remove oxidized oil and cellular debris (including makeup).
  • NO EVIL is pure oil resembling sebum on a molecular level and is potentiated by methods unique to us in order to further its purity and vibrational frequency.
Sow Your Wild Oats Organic Grain Cleanser
  • Our colloidal formula (meaning: dissolves on contact with water) works on a cellular level. The healing herbal actions of the 10 organic and wildcrafted herbs are enhanced by the liposomal (super-penetrative) actions of the legumes.
  • The Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) from the Milk powder with the BHA that is naturally occurring in organic and wildcrafted herbs provide a chemically** exfoliating element that compliments the physical way that the oats turn your old oils into a gentle soap (saponification). 

**Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) provide large molecule (topical) exfoliation and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) provide small molecule (intra-cellular) exfoliation. These are not chemicals that are made in a lab and then added. These are chemicals that are naturally ocuring in the plant and the action is so gentle that most people can use it every day, though they certainly don’t need to!

How This Makes Us Different

You may find products or see recipes online for homemade or natural “clear” cleansers to remove makeup or wash your face. Many of them are pure oil based and very helpful in initiating a change in the skin, but you will also find witch hazel or aloe (with alcohol or other preservatives that can strip the skin, create dehydration and change the pH–leaving you more open to infection) in the ingredients.

Most grain or herbal exfoliators use only a physical method to remove dead skin cells–meaning that they are rough. Some companies add artificial chemicals to make an herbal product like this product stronger. We don’t think this is safe or necessary.

Our Unique Weekly Rituals Can Greatly Improve Results & Provide Benefits to Even the Most Sensitive Skin

Clear Complexion, Pore Refining, and Sense & Sensitivity Clays

How Our Between You & the Moon Masks Are Formulated

  • Clay: we spent years researching and experimenting with  many varieties of clay from all over the world in order to create a blend that mixes up smoothly, feels great going on, and provides the results we are looking for.

  • Seaweed: Perhaps the secret to youth lies in the herbs that grow underwater, mainly seaweeds. Our seaweeds are harvested under extremely specific conditions and a dried in a way that preserves these qualities.

  • Minerals: Observing how the skin is behaving is a great way to determine what minerals may be most beneficial topically. Our decade-long experience in holistic skin care services paved the way for this unique method of knowing how to use minerals to most benefit the skin.

  • Organic Herbs and Spirulina in the Integrity Biome Mask provide nourishment for beneficial microbiota and management of the pests.

  • Does not need a preservative because we are using stable ingredients from the start. You simply mix in the wet ingredients prior to use.

How This Makes Us Different

Most clay masks are simply too drying for use on a regular basis. By the addition of specific seaweeds, we are not only increasing the variety of mineral content and ionic frequency, but the seaweed keeps the mask supple and moist, preventing excess Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and the dehydration that comes with use of clay. Many skincare products wipe out the “bad” guys without taking into consideration the health of the beneficial microbiota. Healthy skin needs to have an abundance to flourish. 

Our Services Consistently Earn Five Star Reviews

Complete, Supportive Skin Care with Gorgeous Results

  • Between You and the Moon’s Supportive Skin Care differs from conventional forms of skin care in that we trust the body’s innate intelligence and support it in it’s programmed desire to heal itself.

  • Rather than trying to control or suppress the body’s natural immune responses, we actively nourish and encourage the body’s natural physiological processes with herbs (phytotherapy) and/ light photons (phototherapy).

  • Our Aestheticians and Holistic Skin Care Specialists have extensive training that goes beyond giving a good massage and recommending the use of products.  Expect to delve into your skin care past and take some truly innovative steps towards your personal growth and healing.

How This Makes Us Different

  • Our skin care services (like the products we make here at Brooklyn Herborium) are powerful, yet gentle. Most of our guests leave seeing immediate results with little to no redness.

  • We will teach you to get out of your own way.  Up until now, even if you have been using “organic” or “natural” products, you probably have been using plants as drugs and have still been “bossing your skin around” trying to keep it balanced (controlling) or holding back the floodgates (suppressing).  When you gently release that hold and guide the skin’s return to its natural state of health and beauty, results come quickly (because we are no longer pushing against nature) and are extraordinary.

  • Also, as your skin gets better at renewing itself, you will no longer have the same build-up of dead cells and oxidization. Soon, the balance of time spent during your service goes from mostly extractions and education/consultation, to massage (for increasing both circulation and enjoyment) and rebuilding healthier skin while diminishing past scars and hyper-pigmentation.

  • We can honestly offer additive-free goods and services that provide consistent results. Each product is hand-mixed on the spot–we have no need for binders, fillers or preservatives.  Every ingredient that touches your skin has a specific and customizable purpose and a benefit.  Rest assured, during your professional service, you are free from exposure to preservatives, added fragrances or petroleum products.

Feel Good About What You Support with Your Spending

  • Between You & The Moon is our hand-made herbal product line made right here at the Brooklyn Herborium Windsor Terrace.  We are a small business that does things locally and ethically and we are committed to using our knowledge for the benefit of all. New clients frequently stop back within a week to tell us how much they have come to love washing their face.

  • Our Beloved Head Aesthetician and Teacher, Emma Graves, is also the certified herbalist who spent years working one on one with clients and service professionals to create the Between You & The Moon services protocol as well as the herbal formulations that are used during our Facials.

Customized Treatments Without the Pressure

The methods we use and teach are intended for use with the Between You & The Moon line of products that we make at Brooklyn Herborium.  These methods work, but they are not the only methods that work. We recognize that each healing spiral is unique and that there are many lovely ways to move towards health and beauty. This is not meant to replace professional guidance or medication if needed.


Nourish & Replenish
Cow Fart Juice
Seeds of Change
Sense & Sensitivity Mineral Mist
Pore Refining Mineral Mist
Clear Complexion Mineral Mist
Integrity Mineral Mist
Sense & Sensitivity Clay
Pore Refining Clay
Clear Complexion Clay
Integrity Biome Mask
Sow Your Wild Oats
Functional Skincare Line
Advanced Skincare

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